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    An Interesting Fact Of Our Devotion We are Not Aware Of..

    Since our childhood days & in different beliefs we were told that the God is capable of forgiving our misdeeds. For example, in one of our karma we did something wrong to someone then it is said that if we ask God to forgive us for that misdeed that we had done to someone else than the God will with his power will neutralize the future outcome. Means the outcome wouldn't happen to us. Often I have thought of this that we do something good then good things will happen to us but if we do something bad then this will get neutralized. Don't you feel that this is against the rule of karma that we thought of or taught of since our childhood days.

    Although the God is the supreme power but still bound to follow the rules & regulations meant for anyone. So is the case here.

    If we believe in God then for sure He will lead us to the brightest path but if our karma goes wrong then we will be punished for that too. This is the rule of the very nature we are living with. There wouldn't be any chance for us to make any bargaining but also we wouldn't be given an stand to get differentiated either. So this must be a concern for us that one day our karma would get sorted out in the future & would be the reflection of what we did in the past. The problem is that it is still a complicated judgment to know about when this is going to happen.
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    In God's court, there is no warning or admonishment, but only punishment. God needs to handle many crores of crores creatures. If He start excusing the criminals, there will be no dearth of crimes. God appreciates the good and punishes the evils with out any mercy, fear or favour. He does it in time.
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    If someone is committing a sin, he can't escape from the punishment. It is not a mathematics that one good and one bad will get neutralised. If you have done something you will get the blessing. If you have done a mistake you will be punished. If you kill a cat and construct a temple it will not get neutralised. Both the results you have to have. By earning money illegally and sharing a part with God in the temple will get you his blessings. One day the suffering will be there. This is the fact of life. So always do good. Pray God not for saving you from your evils but for the wellness of all.
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    In Tamil there is a very good proverb which must be mentioned here in connection with this thread. " Arasan andru kolvaan , Kadavul Nindru kollum. That means if you do some wrong thing, the King would give the punishment instantly and the matter ends there. But misdeeds of human being are tabulated and the God would wait for ourselves to change at least in later stage on realisation of the miss deeds thus meted out. Since everything were happening to our liking, we think even God is helping in bad counts. That is wrong. He is putting a test on us and we are carried away. So the punishment is sure and that would be ultimate.
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    The God is an abstract phenomenon, a creation of human intelligence bestowed upon the humans by the God Himself.

    Being abstract, the God has no limbs to act Himself on His own. Therefore, He uses the limbs of the individuals to act to either punish or reward them. The sinners get punished through their own Karma. Similarly, the virtuous individuals get rewarded through their own Karma.

    Hardcore criminals are often killed in a gang war shootout or sometimes in police encounters and the individuals like Baba Amte, Kailash Satyarthi or Mother Teresa get rewarded in due course.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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