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    Do the elders at the home chide you to stop usage of social media on the cell phone ?

    I went to my friend's house to meet him and there I met the elders of the family after long time. While discussing various issues, the elders were furious with the children of my friend that they are not talking or cracking jokes, but stay put their mind on the mobile screen to which they are very averse. Children are addicted to mobile games and social media and the elders does not have the idea about that. But for a while or at least during the cell battery charging hours, the children must give time to the elders at home, otherwise they become isolated with no talks from any one ?
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    The children,adults,elders and everybody is getting addicted to mobile and social media. My brother's son is 8years old. He uses a mobile for almost 3 or 4 hours a day for gaming. My sister's daughter is 16 years old. She will be on mobile toll 1 AM. My mother is 80years. She uses her mobile for WhatsApp messages and status postings. This has become the order of the day. As opined by the author everyone should give time to family members and should not be mobile always. Everybody will say this.But I don't know how many arereally following this. If this trend continues human relations will get effected very much.
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    We are gradually switching over from the 'real' relationships to 'phoney' relationships. The connections and friend lists of social media are illusions only. Sometime back there was a message in circulation in the social media about the fate of a person who had thousands of friends on Facebook and WhatsApp but when he died there was nobody to attend his funeral.

    The virtual world is different. It is liked by the people perhaps because they rule the relationships in the virtual world. If they don't like any individual, they can instantaneously break the relationship by 'unfriending' or 'blocking' or 'quitting' the group. However, it real life it is not possible. One has to make all possible efforts to nurture and maintain the relationships. Being engrossed in the virtual world is sort of an escapist attitude.

    Regarding main point of thread, the chiding of elders will vanish soon as they themselves will become addicted to the social media in due course.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    But some elders are averse to use the cell phone and they wont have them. That is why they get irritated on seeing the phone and meddling with that.
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    This happens often at our homes as both children having little time after the tutions and school homework. This time, the children prefer to spend on a tab or chatting with their friends. Unfortunately, this is the same time that grandparents and parents would want the children to interact and talk about common topics related to their classes, time schedules and family activities planning etc.

    When the kids are on their tabs/mobiles, elders do get annoyed. What I've noticed is, when kids are forcefully told to keep their tabs away, their conservation with elders becomes mono-syllable, only a nod or one word for questions asked, it takes sometime for them to calm down.

    I think, we have to consider the children's view point also, everyone at their age has gadgets, so we can give them the tabs/mobile and set a time limit so that the kids are happy and yet know that they can't use it for long duration.

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