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    Why no cuisine is named after Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state of India?

    There are many popular regional cuisines in India e.g. Goan cuisine, Gujarati cuisine, Maharashtrian cuisine, Punjabi cuisine, Rajasthani cuisine, Bengali cuisine and of course the rich platter of South Indian cuisine. Nowadays Chinese cuisine has penetrated up to smaller cities and towns and in metro cities one can find restaurants serving Italian cuisine, Thai cuisine, Japanese cuisine etc. also

    However, strangely enough, no cuisine is named after Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state of India. Have you ever heard of Uttar Pradeshi cuisine or Upian cuisine etc.

    Can you throw any light on the subject matter?
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    Only Yesterday night I was watching the Epic channel in which during Raja Rasoi program, Lucknow famed non vegetarian shahi dishes are made and the name suggests that in those Kings days, they used to eat nutritious and wide food varied spread on the table. It seems at least 100 varieties of food are made daily by 100 chefs and thus most of the time spent by the Kings were eating the best food. Though the names are different and huge, it is understood that like Hyderabad Biryani, Lucknow also had its share in dishing out different non vegetarian dishes and even today they are famous.
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    Maybe because Uttar Pradesh just means "North state".
    UP has the most diverse cuisine. The people living in this land were called Biharis, who have now claimed their own state. Uttarakhand also has it's own cuisine.

    UP has a provincial cuisine. Oudh cuisine and Lucknowi cuisine are well-known around the world. These were patronized by Lucknowi nawabs. Then there is mughal cuisine, from Fatehpur. How can one even forget the Banarasi food?
    Pratapgarh's classic Rajputana royal cuisine.
    Agra's famous Mughal meats and sweets.
    Vegetarian wonders of Sitapur. Bihari and Bhojpuri cuisine.

    When you say there's no cuisine named after UP you're right. Because UP collectively has more diversity in food than the country itself.

    Everything from Biryani to Murg Mussallam was a contribution from Lucknow.

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    As far as I know, the non-vegetarian food items (different types of meat) are cooked in distinct Lucknowvi style. Besides this, there is no distinctive style of cooking in Uttar Pradesh. The foods of Eastern UP, Western UP and Bundelkhand (and also of Kumaon and Garhwal of present Uttarakhand) are a little bit different due to availability/non-availability different vegetables, but the style of cooking is same in the entire region.
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    There are so many cuisines and recipes from UP which are either sweet items or one having Awadh Nawabi culture influenced by the Mughals.

    The confectioners from UP especially eastern UP are working all across the country to replicate these items locally and are well popular. Some of them have an online presence also.

    When we say North Indian food generally we indicate to UP food. As such no single item can only be attributed. For example Chat and Chola Bhatura, Aaloo Parotha etc are the famous ones belonging to UP.

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    Utter Pradesh and Bihar are very famous for sweets. The hot jilabi available there in some parts of the state in the mornings was tasted by me and found to be very tasty. So like this many other sweets are also famous from UP. I am not very familiar with other items of UP.
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    I myself belong to Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. There are many famous Lucknowi dishes like Sheermal, Lucknowi Biryani, Malai Ki Gilori and Kebabs in a variety of styles like kakori, galawati, shami, boti, and seekh etc. to name a few. Tunde ke kabab is a type of soft kebab developed for a Nawab who had lost his teeth.

    However, my point is that no cuisine is associated with the name of the state like in case of other states.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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