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    Do people brush their teeth before going to bed for sleeping?

    I am fully aware about the fact that it is very important to brush our teeth before going to bed for sleeping but still I practically don't do so. It is just a matter of habit. Not only that I personally know few students studying dental science who also don't brush their teeth twice, in the morning and in the night time.

    Often, while brushing our teeth in the morning, we find residues of food eaten during the previous night which indicate that those residues remained in our mouth the whole night nurturing bacteria and other microorganisms.

    What are your comments about the subject matter?
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    I am afraid many wont follow the rule of brushing the teeth before going to the bed. In fact those who wake up early and in a huff may skip the brushing of teeth as it takes much time to which they cannot afford. So brushing the teeth in the morning has become the habit and compulsion for all and those who are health conscious and knows the problems of teeth in future would certainly go for two times brushing. By the way when you eat spicy food only you need to bother about taking the care for the teeth. When you eat normal food or light food, nothing would happen to our digestive system and thus may not go for two times brush.
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    Dentists advise to brush the teeth before going to bed as a must. Some even say brushing before bed time is more important than doing the same after getting up in the morning. In fact after supper if we do not brush pieces of food items will remain in between the teeth. They might invite bacteria and will create bad smell. This we can test ourselves. If clean brushing is done in the night next morning you will feel the difference, with least or nill smell. That means culture of bacteria has not taken place. Hence it is advisable to brush before sleep.

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    Brush the teeth before going to sleep in the night is a good habit and it is important for our teeth. Dentist are also give advice about them. and it depends on our habit, if a person brush their teeth before sleep for 40 days, so in a 41th day, he wants to brush teeth without brushing he feel bad.
    it is very important to brush our teeth before sleep because of, this control cavity and other many problems of teeth. so do brush before going to sleep.

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    It is always good to brush teeth twice but I personally do not follow it. And it is my laziness that does not allow me to brush my teeth at night. Not many people brush their teeth twice. Very few people follow it religiously and that too of they have been habituated to it from their childhood.

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    I do brushing two times a day. Once in the morning immediately after getting up and in the evening after returning back from the duty. But I never have the practice of brushing the teeth before going to bed. Even I know that it is good to brush the teeth after dinner I never do that. I have no habit of doing this. It is true that some small portions of food may remain if we arenot brushing after eating. But many people will brush immediately after getting up in the morning only. I feel we should advise our children to practice this so that they protect their teeth from decaying fast.
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    I ardently do the duty on work days/week days. I can't sleep without brushing and bathing at night.
    It's a very good habit and works as an agent to promote your sleep. Sleep gets itself associated with brushing and you can sleep faster and better.
    Apart from being good for oral health, brushing twice is a good habit for digesting too.

    Brush twice a day. Before and after sleeping that is.

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    It is a good habit to brush teeth morning and night. It is equally important for asthmatics who used steriod inhalers, people who have coke or aereated drinks and chocolates.
    Some days, when it is not possible, I just gargle with salt water, at least that would free the small food particles. For children we insist that it's done before going to bed.
    I've also come across the view that on odd occasions, if we cannot brush our teeth after food, chewing gum helps to get rid of the bacteria.

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    The consultant suggests to have brushed your teeth two times a day. In the morning time & just before going for a bed in the night. At least make sure to have gurgle after intake of anything as this will ensure nothing remains inside your mouth & restricting germination of bacteria.

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    Yes, I agree with the author, I also know the importance of brushing teeth twice daily but practically I do not do the same. I always visit out of the town with four other friends. In our five friends, only one of my friend has a habit of brushing teeth twice daily. So, in common, I think only 15-20 percent people will be there who have such a habit of brushing teeth twice daily.
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