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    Do you think that our education system demands a change?

    Do you feel that there is a requirement of modifications or amendments in our current education system? Share your views here.

    My recent post Where are the Indian Brains was an outcome of an emotion of recognizing the our cultural values, creativity, capabilities and brilliance as an Indian.

    With the responses received, before writing something on a new topic, I would like to start with something relevant so that we discuss proactively for a needful change.

    In your own views what all the changes you think as required in our education system to enrich our future generations to evolve?

    To start with, I will share my thoughts below and please continue to fill in yours :). I wish i see some striking thoughts and suggestions.

    1. Reverse the importance of theory and practical classes- In current academics our priority relies on theory where students put a lot of effort in either memorizing the content or through understanding and replicate the same in evaluations. Less priority is given to Lab sessions where you have a couple of situations or examples only to clear your evaluation. If this is reversed, our practical knowledge is made essential and would definitely lay a path in keeping the minds think rather than memorize. It also removes or reduces the kid's daily luggage of books. Of course technology helps, let him take a laptop or tablet ;).

    2. Preliminary standards to focus more on talent and art- Every individual is talented but how does it come out? Unless and until there is a wish, situation or a need, a person never makes up his mind to perform or progress. Preliminary standards, lets say from standards 2-8, if they focus more on talent/art and involve children, identifying their interests or talents becomes easier starting from the early stages. The way how they progress will make their individuality.

    3. Completely revamp the evaluation system- A simple question to predict what a person remembers in an evaluation, doesn't solve any purpose in grading his capability. Grading or evaluation must be a necessity only starting from Graduation. Every kid will have to move till end of schooling without a grading system, alternate assessments like practical evaluations as mentioned in my earlier thought may be needed. The graduation which the kid would like to choose will be based on his interests and owning a degree will be based on pure skill and ability on his specialization, with no time limits.

    4. Standardize same facilities in more or less every institution, no matter from rural or urban or city. This is a challenge but, it is possible.

    5. Absolutely NO private educational Institution. Education must be provided free at least till end of class 12th.

    I would like to hear from you all with similar suggestions and provide your views on above changes. These are just a few examples of what changes may be needed.

    Pour in your views.

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    Mathivanan immediately edit the post and remove the clickable link as it appears all over the page. It is urgent as the post may affect other threads too.
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    I realized it soon after i posted it, but i never realized that its immediately followed or read by someone :).

    Now start sharing your views. :)


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    Officially, the Government of India promulgates the National Education Policy (NEP) covering elementary education to college education, to promote education amongst India's people.

    The first NEP was promulgated in 1968 by the Indira Gandhi Government, and the second by the Rajiv Gandhi Government in 1986. The 1986 NEP was modified in by the PV Narasimha Rao Government in 1992. Draft of NEP 2016 was released during the Modi Government in Oct., 2016 which focussed on addressing gender discrimination, creation of educational tribunals and common curriculum Science, Mathematics and English.

    Within a year of previous report the Government of India has announced a new nine member committee of eminent educationists under the chairmanship of former ISRO chief and Padma Vibhushan awardee K Kasturirangan.

    Thus we can see that there is a well established mechanism for formulation of National Education Policy. However, there is no bar as such on discussions among like minded individuals in any private forum.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    These days Education is only for giving you a degree and making you eligible for a job so that you can live on your own. But my opinion is different. An education is never reading a book and getting the marks. Once should get matured thinking and should be able to understand the importance of values in the life. These days Education is giving you degrees but not ethics. So the education policy and methodology should be redesigned in such a way that the student will grow as a disciplined citizen if India. Then only the problems of the society will be answered and this universe will become a good place to live in. The education should teach the students the policy of live and let live but not kill and live. As mentioned #628 289, a committee is working on the issue. We have to wait for the outcome. But I feel it will be good if the committee asks for the various opini9ns of individuals so that the outcome will be more meaningful.
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    Thanks for responding to my post @Kailash @Rao sir. I appreciate your time.

    The reason to bring this topic out is to understand what all suggestions and thoughts we would like to have practically. I do understand that the government has a committee responsible for the same. But as a responsible citizen of India we can bring up ideas of what exactly needs to be done.

    I would be glad if people post your suggestions or thoughts about the suggestions that i have explained above.


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    A detailed thread regarding our Indian education system. Answering you in the order of the suggestions

    1.Reversing the marks for theory and practical would be shot down both by students and teachers. Practical sessions are often for the studious and can be fudged easily. So we can have more weightage for practicals.

    2.Talent and art are more like extra-curicular activities. We need to make the parents and students realise that these are life skills, that can help them to be prepared for an alternative career or to have an additional source of income. Once this awareness comes, then people would be more open to include this as an optinal subject.

    3.Would disagree with you on no evaluation till graduation. We need to have some sort of a common yard stick to assess the performance of a student, otherwise students who are unfit or serious misfits would reach graduation and find that it's been a waste of time and money.We can do away with ranks but at least we should have a grading system.

    4. Standardisation of syllabus is existing but needs to be monitored at implementation level.

    5. In India to have no private players in education is unthinkable unless the Government is bold enough to take all of them under it's wing.

    The assessments should include what the child has done throughout the year and not only the final exams. We can see people not taking tests seriously, similarly a good candidate may perform badly in the finals for some reason but would have done well in the tests.

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    @Natarajan, Thanks for your views.

    On the grading system, i meant use of alternate assessments like practicals, demos, projects rather than the current ranking system.

    On standardizing i meant, infrastructure facilities to every kid across the country should more or less be the same. Syllabus is most likely the same.

    Having NO private players would change the thought of education as a business model instead of relying on it as the need for the future.

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    True that our education system need to be understood more. Thank you @Mathi for continuing the topic with additional thoughts.

    My suggestion will also be based on the content of your previous thread. "Where are the Indian Brains".
    In that post, many including you, discussed about Indians excellence in the past. Especially about the heights reached, before implementing British education system.

    So, I wish, Indian literature should be given more weightage in the new education syllabus. Government should understand that the Standardization of syllabus and content of the syllabus are different. Since, India is a diversified nation, each part of the country has different history, culture, agriculture, geography etc. So, syllabus should be designed in such a way to understand themselves first.

    Hope that makes every children to believe in themselves and what makes them unique from others. Practicals in politics, law and even in science become easy by that way.

    Sri Vetri
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