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    Forum has regained its past glory. Much activities and good food for thought feeds daily .

    Over the past few days, I am immensely happy with the fact that, on opening the site early in the morning , so many new threads are inducing me to post my responses. That kind of activity was not there in the past. Thanks to some members who are away from India and when they post the threads in the mid night , it becomes the fresh post for me early in the morning and thus gives immense pleasure to respond with great enthusiasm. Have you observed this great change ? What is your view on this and any suggestion to further improve the importance of forum ?
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    Good to see new views and faces in forum. Many of the threads are of repeat topics with different phrases. Some threads are like just for information and a meaningful discussion is not possible. Most replies just seem to agree and contain many personal examples in detail. I think there is great scope for the quality of the threads to be improved. Now that we have new members, I'm sure it'll happen.

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    Yes, Mr. K Mohan, I have also noticed this fact. It is really a good thing that new members are actively participating in the forum section. It is really a good one and the thread are also qualitative which are related to education, health, politics for general awareness, health, etc. Due to this active participation, we are able to know many new things and are able to increase our knowledge in different areas.
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    I have also observed that many members are seeding new ideas and forum is vibrating with a lot of activities. It is good to see members contributing with so much vigour and energy.

    The forum is the crown of all sections and encompasses a fast scan of what is happening around in society.

    Let us all make it a vibrant and active place for the exchange of creative and constructive thoughts.

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    It is true that there is a coming back syndrome in this section. Thanks to all who worked behind this. With so many thousands of members there cannot be a dearth for ideas. Only because of two reasons, time and laziness, might be the reason for not posting threads. I think there are a few new faces also among the members participating these days. However it is a welcome change and hope the trend will last.
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    It is true. The activity in this section of the site in in the increasing mode. Many people are submitting very good threads which are thought provoking and good to learn. Thanks to the new members and others who are active again here. The quality of the threads also should increase and already that trend is very visible now. This is welcome aspect and my sincere thanks and best wishes to all who are making this section lovely and lively.
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    Presently, I am based at San Jose, California, USA. There is obvious time difference between India and this place. When I post a thread at 2 PM local time here, then it appears as 03.30 AM in India i.e. the time is 1 hour and 30 minutes behind India time plus the day-night difference. When it is day time here, we have night time in India.
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    Yes Kailash you have the advantage of creating new threads and also responding to existing new posts thus loaded as the first member to give reply. Because there is clearly 14 hours difference between your timing and our time.
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