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    Pain of separation from a friend.

    Everyone has friends in the life. They are the wonderful people in our life. They are the one with whom we can informally chat and exchange our happiness as well sorrows.

    A good friend is a lifelong possession. A joy forever.

    Sometimes due to misunderstanding or personal differences, the friendship is affected and in many cases, the relations deteriorate to the extent of not talking with each other. Still, the memories of earlier bond haunt us and we are griefed to more or less extent.

    How to cope up with this pain of separation from a friend?
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    Pain of separation is always painful, specially from our close ones. If you really want to solve the misunderstanding arising between you and your friend, I would recommend talking with friend is the best way. Don't wait for your friend to talk with you just go to him and solve the issue.

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    True friendship never breaks. Like all other aspects of life, individuals learn about true friendship over a period of time. Generally, people in their younger phase of life mistake many classmates or co-workers as friends.

    Friendship is tested over a period of time. In case of true and genuine friendship, the temporary misunderstandings get resolved soon and the original relationship is restored.

    Needless to mention here that I am talking about friendship in general instead of romantic kind of relationships which haunt more.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A true Freind is like a mirror which reflects your image. I have read a good sentence if you want to be a good friend or want a long friendship, make grave (Qabrastan) in your heart to deposit all the mistakes of your friends. So, it is necessary to ignore the mistakes of friends if you are really good friends.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    It is entirely upto you to decide whether you have to cope and suffer the pain or separation or you have to put an end to it.

    When people throw stones at you, you can thrown it back at them to hurt them back or build a bridge to welcome them. I read this somewhere in the past. It would apt here.

    Friends are people who bond without any blood relationship or binding. It just happens, good friends are even more hard to come by, those who standby at times of hardships and not just partake in your success.

    So, the person has to make a wise choice, to clear the air of all the differences and misunderstandings ( this is easier, if one just steps back and sees the larger picture).

    If it doesn't work after sincere efforts from you, then move on and make new friends and remember not to commit the same mistakes that happened in the old friendship.

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    If two hands join together only sound will come. Similarly if both the friends wants to be rigid and don't want to give any scope for symphethetic thinking only will cause some friction in friendship. If at least one of the two wants to sustain the friendship he will always tries to keep the bond in force by allowing the pains to some extent. But it goes beyond tolerable limits then only the separation will be accepted. So even if a friend is not very cooperative with you,if you accept him as such continue friendship later in nor sooner the other man will understand his mistake and correct himself. But even after give such a long rope also the friend is not understanding you and still trying to blame you, there will not be any other option than separation. Once this happens you should not repent for what you have done and you will get satisfied that you have tried your best to keep the bond to continue,
    always confident

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    Yes pain of separation is really painful and cannot be expressed in words. Only 10 days back we have sold our house due to personal commitments and the neighbours were really feeling the separation to such extent, that they have asked to stay in their upper portion. So what I mean to say that for the past 17 years there has been close bonding between the people in the colony and sudden separation was really taxing. When I said that I shall be visit them often, it wont suffice their needs. Even my wife and children are yet to adjust with new house and coming to the terms.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is not uncommon that with he passage of time, sometimes misunderstanding creeps in and the relationship gets soured. Even our philosophy in the life has changed where our outlook, too, has changed significantly giving much importance to the value of finance and the human relationship has taken a backseat. In case of a strained relationship, we need to establish a fresh renewal of the broken relationships and an honest talk will patch up the relationship. We need to take initiative without having waited any proposal from the other side.

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