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    Riding through my childhood memories

    [This entry wins a runner-up prize of Rs.200/- for the photo story contest.]

    I am Vetri, an ordinary man. While riding forward on this cycle, I push back my memories to my school days.

    I am one of the blessed kids of 90's to grow older with grandparents. Seeking approval from them for everything is a common practice to us. They were not of authoritative, but stubborn in few things. Other than basic needs, they think multiple times to buy anything new to the family. That is where, few of my childhood dreams, just faded as dream itself.

    When I was 6 years old, I see my dad rides Suvega. With natural innocence to that age, I asked, "Dad, just take off the stands and give it to me, I will ride this moped to my school". With a sarcastic smile, my dad asked, "Who will park the vehicle in school?" I understood my ignorance, still continued to find ways to ride a vehicle. My mom, understanding my fascination with vehicle, asked my dad to buy a small cycle. That spark deviated my desire from Suvega to cycle.

    Then my grandmother interfered and said, "Cycle at this age is unnecessary. More over, the smaller cycle cannot be used, when he grows up". My dad accepted and looked at me to know my understanding. Yes, I too understood, no more cycle dream. Then I heard my mom talking to my dad dispiritedly, "When he asked for tricycle in childhood, Aunt and you refused, telling the same reason. Remember, childhood will not return. Few things need to be enjoyed at this age. Things won't remain same".

    Dad, later assured to buy me a new cycle, when I get into the secondary school. He kept up with his promise. A big cycle with so many constraints to use. Still, that was not the modern racing cycle, I wished to own. I used the same cycle, till I finished schooling.

    Now, I own a car, I own a bike. But satisfied, only when I bought this race cycle. The fun is, I bought this with supporting wheels, which I wished to have in Suvega. I take this to a long travel in the rural paths of my city. I don't buy this for pollution control, not for health benefits, not for any social cause, but to satisfy a child in me. When I finally decided to ride cycle to my dream destination, I remembered my olden days and painted my fav color and matched my clothes to it, packed the stuffs that I pleased to have in school days. SAFETY FIRST- my grandmother's words, remembered me to take my helmet first.

    Now, I am about to cross my school, I wish to enter the gate and park my cycle along with other colorful bikes. Mom is right, "Few things need to be enjoyed at that age only". I am passing my school, with memories heavy in my heart. Thanks to the goggles for hiding my tears.

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    It's just awesome the way you have brewed the story with every minute details from the picture. A wonderful reminder as well, "Few things need to be enjoyed at that age only". Thoroughly enjoyed reading this story.

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    Nice story with intricate details connecting to the photo story. The author seems to have thoroughly enjoyed while writing this story. Great sharing.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Well written and well narrated. A good correlation between the photo and weaving of a plot.

    The storyline is effective and making an impression on the reader. Nice attempt at the contest.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    An excellent story . It is written in such a way that the incident took place really. The childhood memories are very good in some aspects but certain things which we can'f forget are certainly are not sweet memories. When I was in class VI, my second younger sister gone to my grandfather's house. After two days there was a call from there stating that she was suffering from fever and asked my parents to go over there. My parents wanted to go immediately. My elder sister insisted she should also go with them. So my parents made me to stay back and took my elder sister. But unfortunately my second younger sister succumbed to the fever and left this world. I missed the chance of seeing her and after 50 years today also I feel regretted for not going with my parents to see her. This will be my never fulfilled wish for this life.
    always confident

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    Nice Story! !

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    Well narrated. Your way of telling the situation is awesome.. great job.all childhood memories are very sweet and great experience are helpful for our best future....

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    its awesome story on a green bicycle. good thought by the author.

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    In the first line itself we understand that Vetri is a blessed child as he is with grand father. The great persons are not made by birth but with proper brought up. Since parents of these days donot have time they should seek their parents to brought up the children with well manners. Because of lack in well manners only present youngsters ruining themselves inspire of good education.

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    The killer part of this excellent story is ' ....I don't buy this for pollution control, not for health benefits, not for any social cause, but to satisfy a child in me.......'

    I liked the simple story written without being ostentatious.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A nice story, what strikes me is the truth 'they think multiple times before buying anything'. This was mostly because of lack of money and lack of the mindset to spend what they are earning rather than saving everything.

    Each of us would have unfulfilled childhood memories, even though we cannot go back and set things right, we should give a little more consideration to the parents of the earlier generation because, they earned a few thousand rupees and managed the entire family, including education, which we find it difficult now a days even when we earn a couple of lakhs.

    Reminds me of my dark green BSA cycle with the dynamo headlights a the back carrier and a heavy bell that I got for passing 10th standard.

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    Happy to see that many enjoyed reading my story. It is nice, that my story made few of you, to ride through your childhood memories as well. Thanks for your reviews.
    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    Once I never had a thought of about how the time has changed since my childhood days. That I used to be very excited to see the places where I used to play or had a schooling or looking at the toys that still I have in the showcase.

    Once I had never aware about the realities of life like in the coming times I would remain no more to the physical existence. So emotionally attached that even though this got inside pain but at the same time also providing immense pleasure. Those were the days....never to come back. & just the memories that we are getting old & our countdown may get end-up soon & nothing.

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