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    Are highrise apartments balconies really safe?

    Every metro has expanded beyond its limits and new layouts are formed at a rapid pace. New apartment blocks mushroom all around with fancy designs and colors.

    People love balconies for the views but fail to put safety over design. Many balconies have fancy railings, large glass designs with a lot a space in between and the height being very low.

    Every few weeks, we hear of a child accidentally slipping through the bars or an adult who reaches over or goes out from a party to answer a phone and falls to death (just yesterday it happened in Bangalore). A few drinks at parties make things worse.

    Flat owners and people who hold parties in flats and visitors should be careful about such potential chances of a joyful moment turn into sorrow. I think Government should have mandatory heights and quality standards for highrise apartments.
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    Highrise apartments are rising in metros and other major cities as there is shortage of affordable open land to construct independent houses. In my city Lucknow also which is a non-metro city, we can find up to 19 story high apartment buildings.

    Living in such highrise buildings require an experience based disciplined approach. The residents have to ensure that not only the balconies but all other areas of the house are also safe. It depends on the composition of family also. In case there are younger children in the house, then the residents have to be extra careful.

    Take the example of electric wiring inside house which can prove fatal in case not taken care of suitably. But now we have learnt to live with electricity even with kids in the house. The same principle applies in case of other hazards also.

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    It is true that the high rise constructions are not giving much attention towards this safety aspect. There will be a handrail with some ornamental barricades. But while designing the same the security aspect is not given much importance. A small child will be tempted to climb the barricade and see the scenes outside. Sometimes the child will be alone in the balcony. Then if attempted this climbed unfortunate things may happen.
    When I visited my younger son's residence in Bangalore, I actually could see this type of flat. He is staying on the 5th floor of a high rise flat. His child is two years plus only. They are keeping the door to the verandha always closed. At least in future constructions the concerned people must give consideration for this aspect.

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    These days builders are going for a better appearance rather than safety aspects. But I feel always safety should be given more priority than appearence. Many playa thechildern from various apartments of the building will come together play. Those times no elder will be watching them. So they will behave as they like. In such cases sometimes chances of accidents taking place are very high. So while designing the balconies the architects should think of safety and see that no child can get on to the railing and suffice to care is taken. Similarly near the steps also proper doors should be arranged so that the children will never go down the steps without the notice of some elders.
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    My sister lives in a high rise building which if of 24 floors and she lives in the 9th floor. I was always warning her that it is difficult to have children playing in the balcony and throwing things on the ground which may injure passerby. The same thing happened. Her grand child has thrown the toys from the balcony and it landed on the car wind screen damaging fully. My sister has to foot the bill of replacing the wind screen. Soon a net was arranged around the balcony so that even if he peeps down, nothing would happen. So balconies in high rise building are risky for the children and even for the elders who may have giddiness from seeing things from such a height.
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    High rise apartments and have increased in metros and people prefer buying flats in the top floor only for the view. But there is always a risk factor attached to it. Few owners staying in top floors, put a safety grill for their balconies so that no accidents can take place. Others do not prefer saftey grill and expects the balcony to be open. Constructors have their plan of construction and build the apartments accordingly, but owners can customise it and tell the changes to me made while constructing. So every owner should look for safety measures and let the constructors design it in that way.

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    Glad to see many replies, most apartment owners/residents put grills. As a tenant in an apartment, We shared the bill with the owner a few years back and now the same in the present apartment.
    It is very useful for children and I think the adults also should think of this or at least raise the height of the railings. In Bangalore, we regularly hear for young people partying and enjoying a few drinks and lean on the railings while having a chat or answering the phone. This proves fatal when they are under the influence of alcohol. If the railings are at a higher level, the incidents would reduce.

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    We (my wife and myself) were in an acute financial situation when we purchased our flat in Delhi. Even then, immediately after purchase of the flat which is at the seventh floor of the building, we increased the height of the balcony railings, because these railings were very low and our daughter was only 2 years 2 months old at that time.
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