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    Contents copying on an increase among doctoral theses.

    A report indicates that 25 percent of the Ph.D theses contents are copied from other theses. As per regulations about 15percent of copying is allowed, only as references and reproduction of similar works in earlier works. But beyond that it is not allowed.
    This report is from a thesis work based on a problem which attempts to study how much 'robbery' is taking place in research works. This attempt is noticed more in Arts and Humanities (26 percent). In Science subjects it is only 16 percent. This thesis work on copying of theses has been awarded as the best thesis by Manipal University.
    The study based on 70 theses approved for the degree by three Universities working in Kerala. The 70 theses were selected from 564 theses approved by the three Universities. The work was done using the software 'Urkhund' approved by U.G.C. If a thesis is uploaded to this software it will automatically compare with similar works published within or outside the country.The present study gives percentages
    of subjectwise split up of copying. Sociology (30), Political science (29.5), Economics (23.3), English (26), Chemistry (19.7) and Botany (13.7).
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    The chances of copying thesis work from one thesis to another thesis may be possible.But paper publication that too in science subjects is very difficult. So these days many Indian universities are insisting for at least two publications in peer reviewed journals. Then only they will allow the student will allow the student will be allowed to submit thesis and reprints of the papers should be attached to the thesis. This condition is giving some improvement to the quality of the thesis work. From my earlier organisation three students submitted their thesis as myself as their research guide from Gulbargha University. All of their thesis adjudicated and phD has been awarded only after ensuring that all of them have their original publications in peer reviewed journals. As stated by the author the quality of the work is getting diminished and some University never bother about publications. A link between thesis submission and paper publications may give some improvements in this aspect.
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    Very disturbing to read and know that thesis either too submitted were copied and reproduced as new thesis to obtain doctorate which is nothing but stealing the work of others. Those who have done this must be taken to task and their doctorates be cancelled. By the way the thesis once submitted must be the in the knowledge of the original writer and the University registrar. How come others would have access over others write up. This is the serious issues and even the sincere attempt made to write new thesis ,there would be doubts lingering in the mind of University as to the genuineness of the thesis.
    K Mohan
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    I often wonder as to what is the use of such theses and doctorates for the mankind. At the best it serves the student concerned in getting a job.

    We often talk about corruption in politics, many Government departments and among businesses but generally we seldom talk about corruption in the world of academics. Copying, be it in board examinations or for preparing thesis, is nothing but a corrupt practice.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What I suggest the University authorities before considering the submitted thesis and before approval, a random test may be conducted on the subject and see that the candidate gets full marks even on that ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I learnt about a software which could easily identify plagiarisation at least 10 years ago from one of my relatives doing PhD from London University. I think all Indian universities can use such software to identify copied PhD thesis.
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    It reflects some of the fallacies in the Indian Education system. Most students read or study for the sake of getting the pass marks or a first class. Few study to understand the subject.

    Most coaching classes focus on memorising or revision of the key points in a subject and practice papers rather than trying to help the student in gaining more knowledge. This is done to get a placement in competitive exams.

    Similarly, thesis work is also viewed as something to complete in order to get a degree. There would be few students who would do genuine work. It's sad to hear about the extent of plagiarism.

    It is because the thesis is outsourced to the student? or it is lack of time or lack of supervision from the guides?

    I think the universities and the PhD guides should insist that the thesis is converted into 1-2 original articles to be published, this would reduce the incidence of copying.

    Can it be due to a large number of students with similar topics, hence similar sounding write-ups? PhD's are the cream of research work, it should be scrutinised better.

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