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    Green bicycle team for cleanliness

    Anushka lives with his husband and two sons Vedik and Vedansh in a small area of a town. They live a simple life. His husband worked in a factory. The two sons study in Govt. school of the town. The surrounding of the area was very dirty. Govt try to improve the condition but did not get success. The area remained dirty and there was no cleanliness all around. One day Vedik came from school and asked her mother:
    Vedik: Mom, What are NGO's? What they work for?
    Mom: Son, NGO's means non-government organisations. They work for the welfare of society and people. But why are you asking this question?
    Vedik: Today, five members of NGO came to our school for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. They have prepared a team of 11 members for swachh Bharat Abhiyan. I am also a member of the team. We have to clean the dirty area and spread the awareness of clean India, Green India among the people.
    Mom: Oh, very fine.
    Next day when Vedik came from home, he was very happy. Mother asked him about the happiness. Vedik told that all the members of the team have been provided by a green bicycle and other equipment for cleanliness of dirty areas. They trained us how to work.
    On next Sunday the team started their work to clean the areas. All the members were looking good. They were on the green bicycle, green dress, a helmet, safety box, etc. Within 6 hours they completely changed the condition of the area. The area of their living was cleaned. They put two dustbins to dispose of the dry and wet garbage separately. Within the time of 6 months, they had cleaned all the dirty areas of the town and was famous Green bicycle team for cleanliness. Even the small child of the town familiar with them.
    After sometimes, Vedik was made the team leader. He used digital medium and prepared a software. By using this software any person of town can take a picture of the dirty area and send it to the leader of the team. The team reached the dirty areas within sometimes and cleaned the areas. They have set an example for the people of the town. Now, the people had awareness of cleanliness and its importance. Next year the town got the first position in the nation and President of the town was awarded by the C.M. of state.
    Vedik and his team were very happy with their contribution.
    This is the entry for the Photo story contest
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    A very nice story about the importance of cleanliness and the fact that if really students are involved in any of the social service activities they can do micracles is brought out successfully. My sincere appreciations to the author for his best efforts towards bringing out a good story on green world.
    always confident

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    The heading itself was very appropriate to coincide with the photo contest and the author has made the best of the heading and content and thus given a nice write up.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very nice story about cleanliness. and very good thought by the author. it is our duty to clean our surrounding. and give our best to mission of clean India green India. it is very necessary to clean our surrounding due to protect our family from diseases.

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    Thanks, all of you for your comments in my thread. It is really necessary to aware the people and especially the students for the cleanliness. Govt or NGO's can do anything without the support of the people. And in my opinion, students are the best medium to spread the awareness to the public. Students are the main power of our country.
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    A good story for the photo contest, eco-friendly cycles, students, NGOs, cleanliness, yes all the right components to raise civic awareness and clean our locality of the filth and garbage. Agreed, the power of the students or the youth is an untapped resource. In the last or last but one public function at Lalbagh, Bangalore, school children set an example of cleaning the mess left by adults after a flower show. School children are asked to have a small paper cover to put in the waste they generate in the class if nothing they are reminded to keep the chocolate wrapper in their pockets so that after enjoying the chocolate, they can avoid littering and put the wrapper in the dustbin.

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