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    Have you ever fallen on the ground loosing balance with banana peel coming on the way ?

    While I was returning back home today, a old man suddenly fell on the ground and every one who were near him reached to the spot and helped him to get up. The reason for his fall is the banana peel thrown carelessly on the road by some one. Being the bus stand terminus in the vicinity the outgoing bus passenger might have thrown it and thus resulted in the old man falling. It is very dangerous as we underestimate a banana peel to be a paper like thing and walk over it and thus over judgement proves wrong. Have you ever fallen down due to banana peel slip ?
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    Not me, but the entire joint of the left knee of my father was broken into nine pieces due to the skin of a banana. It was way back in 1981 at Sealdah station in Calcutta. At that time we had been going through a crisis because we had to abruptly change the rented accommodation, and immediately thereafter this accident happened. My father had to remain in the hospital for one and a half months. He was on leave for another one month.

    This thread reminded me of that horrible period of my (our) life.

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    No I have not fallen but I slipped because of banana peel and somehow balanced myself with the help of a pillar that was near me. Otherwise, I would have had a very bad fall as there was a sharp stone lying there. This happened to me in the bus stand itself while I was going to college. As you said, may be the travellers would have just dropped the peel from the bus.

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    No. I have no experience of this. But Oneday I was in new Delhi on official duty. I had been IHQ of Navy and after completing my work I came out slowly walking and seeing for taxi. While walking I just looked back to see whether taxi is coming, there was an uneven surface on the road. So while walking I lost my balance and just about fall down but somehow managed. But my mobile has fallen down and the display had gone. So the loss is around 20,000/- rupees. But as the mobile is given by the company I git a new one from the company and the old one was given back. So the loss is to the company but not to me. Luckily no injuries. My wife was also with me at that time. This is the event which I remembered by seeing this thread.
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    Very interesting topic. Many times we come across people eating and throwing banana peels here and there. This is a very common sight at the railway stations and bus terminus where people wait and enjoy eating bananas. This common sight was very much seen in New Delhi stations, some years back. Has it changed now? God knows. I have not been there recently so I am unaware of how clean the stations are now. Not only Delhi, in many towns and villages too a similar sight can be seen. Do they not have this one thing in mind that how dangerous it is to throw the banana peels on the way!
    Once as soon as I got down from a train, I slipped and feel and luckily nothing happened to me. In another instance in school a child had thrown a banana peel and again the same thing. Luckily I escaped.
    As the authors have pointed out how severe the injuries can be. People should be aware of this and use proper place. It is always advisable to carry a cover with you while travelling so that whatever you eat, the waste of it can be collected and thrown in bins later.

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    Luckily I have not experienced such a fall in the road. I have noticed several people throwing the banana peel aimlessly, but fortunately not seen somebody falling down slipping.
    Most of us have the irresponsible habit of throwing the waste of our eateries on the public road when travelling in a vehicle. We are really interfering in others' freedom to use the public space. Additionally we are polluting the area too. If it happens to be a banana peel or something similar to that which make the person who unknowingly steps on it slips down, it becomes an antisocial action. Everybody has the responsibility of keeping the surroundings clean.

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    I have slipped, fallen without much damage but I cursed the person for being so insensible. Since then, if I see a peel, I try to push it to the corner of the footpath with my shoes/slippers.
    It is embarrassing for many but scary and dangerous for senior citizens. Many people are so careless that they throw litter around without any thought for the other footpath users. If one cannot walk to the dustbin, at least they can drop the peel into the corner of the footpath/compound etc. I'm glad to say that some of the regular fruit vendors in our area keep a small old plastic bucket and ask people to drop peels, watermelon skin etc into that. I wish others can follow them.
    The other similar thing is the tender coconut vendors and people who throw the half shells on the streets. This at the street corners is a hazard for two-wheelers who can lose balance when they go over it while turning.

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    After going through the erudite responses of so many fellow ISCians, I will prefer to share my perspective regarding the subject matter from a different angle.

    What it means, if someone throws banana skin carelessly on road or at other public places? Is it not an affirmation of a total callous attitude about others, the fellow citizens? Throwing banana skin is only one example, which is of course particularly dangerous from the point of view of hazard of people getting slipped and thus injured sometimes seriously also, but even in general, the attitude of people throwing garbage here and there reveals their unconcerned behaviour.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I do not exactly remember if such thing had happened to me. However I recall having slipped on slippery or slanted floors and fungus affected courtyards. Even inside the home I had slipped and fallen due to wet floors.

    In childhood, many times I had slipped and fallen on slimy and waterlogged surfaces and roads and on school verandas during rainy season.

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