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    How to release pressure of exams?

    In the time of exams student take the pressure like, can I pass in mathematics? how do we learn the notes of Social Science? so I want to know what is the way to release the pressure at the time of exams. please tell the best ways.
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    No student can take pressure for examinations. It is better to complete studies a little early and get fresh before the examination is always better. It is not advisable to go on referring the books till the last moment. Generally we feel the pressure and under that pressure we will forget the subject what we studied. So just 2 or 3 hours before the exam stop reading . Get fresh and keep cool. Don't get into unnecessary thoughts and try to keep the mind fresh. This will help you in recollecting the subject completely when you see a question in the question paper. Generally many students keep on reading in the Before night and don't sleep properly. This will make your mind inactive and you will feel sleepy. So everyone should have good sleep before night of examination. Be proactive but never go for last minute preparation.This will definitely reduce pressure on th3 student
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    One feels pressure only when preparation for the examination is inadequate. Therefore, the best solution to eliminate examination stress totally is to study seriously since day one of the start of the semester/year.

    In my opinion, the student's only activity should be to remain immersed in studies throughout the year. Also the preparation should be done through writing only and by solving previous years examination papers in examination like conditions.

    In case of thorough preparation, the examinations appear a cake walk without any stress.

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    Preparing for the examination hurriedly will create a lot of confusion and without having clarity of the basics, any attempt to write the examination is bound to create conflict within the mind - frame of the examinee. To have patience and going deeply through the text - books much earlier the examination will strengthen the confidence level. Every chapter has to be understood clearly so even if the questions are twisted in the question - papers, it would not perplex the examinees. The core mantra of success in any examination lies in through concepts of the texts as illustrated in the text - books. Any preparation done in short cut before the examination will compound the problems. A lot of books are available in the market and glancing over such books at the eleventh hour prior to examination will multiply worries of the aspirants and hence a systematic approach is essential.

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    What I nave been advising many a times in this forum that for a regular student to a school and attending the classes with full attention, exams cannot be challenging and rather it must be a cake walk performance. Why because when a teacher tells the lesson some examples are told to have the better understanding level of the students and if the students are regular and note those examples, it is easy to score in exams. When we remember the examples, it is easy to co-relate to the main question and thus a formidable answer would come out of our mind and that brings enough marks to pass the exams and hence no pressure.
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    Thank you for your advice.

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    Students are generally under pressure during exam times. There are many reasons for that.

    Those who do not study regularly become fearful of the coming ordeal while those who study well but do not get time to revise are demoralized thinking their grade will be affected.

    Actually, it depends on the basic efforts and homework done throughout the year whether a student will get stress at the time of exams or not. If a student is regular in his classes and completing his homework on day to day basis then he will be in comfort zone even during exams.

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    In am provide some tips for relaxing during exam time:
    1. Be confident. You have attended the classes regularly, so, be positive.
    2. It is time for revision. Never try to learn new things, concentrate to revise the topic you have lean by heart.
    3. Take proper rest during exam time. It is very important and every student commits this mistake that he does not take proper rest.
    4. Try to cover the subject which is interesting to you and try to get maximum marks in that subject.
    5. In mathematics learn all the formula's for proper solving the problems.
    6. In social science, learn the important dates and events of history.
    7. In science, always complete your answer with a diagram. The diagram is a must in science. So, first, try to draw good diagram related to answer. Also, learn all the differences in science.
    So, these are some tips for your examination. Best of luck

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    In my opinion students who learn regularly and complete their portion day by day will never feel fear of exams, as they are perfect in their subject and always ready for an exam.

    So every student should not feel lazy after coming to home, should do home work and then study the portion which was covered in school that day and then play for some time. If students follow this, they will not feel fear of exams.


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    As many of the members have suggested, it is better to start learning and preparing from day one itself rather than slacking off till the last moment. Doing this itself would remove most of the pressure from our heads at the time of exams.
    I would like to exemplify this. Everyone has heard the tale of the tortoise and the rabbit and how the rabbit challenges the tortoise for a race and while the tortoise slowly and steadily keeps on crawling, the rabbit sleeps thinking that he would easily win the race by running at the last moment. However, the rabbit loses.
    It never does good to slack off.
    Also, studying during the exams, simply for exams' sake, fails the very goal of education, of that of making us learned human beings.

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    A timely thread, I'm not sure whether the author is asking as a student or as a parent of a school going child.

    As a parent, the first thing is not to pressurize or threaten the child, set targets that are realistic for your child and not the class comparisons. Comparing with other boys or girls and shouting at our children encourages the child to develop an inferiority complex and it slowly de-moralises the child. At our home, no targets are given, we just encourage them to do their best and they do well.

    As a student preparing for the exams, one should realise that a little pressure or fear of exams helps the candidate not to become over-confident or laid back.

    Time the preparations well for the subjects. We have a tendency to revise what we know well or to start from first chapter or first page and hope to complete the book, this seldom happens.

    Set time targets for subjects that you are weak in, subjects you are good in can be revised later in the night or evening.

    Put up a chart on the wall about the days left and what you have to do. This acts like a reminder of how you are progressing. If you are falling short after 2-3 weeks, you can and need to revise the time allocation so that you don't have a lot left just before the exams.

    Take breaks for short walks at the home terrace or climb stairs, a little yoga or just talk to your family members, you'll get re-charged and refreshed.

    If you have good friends who are of the same wave length, then you can plan for comibned studies

    Have small meals and healthy food so that you don't feel lethargic. Confide all your feelings and fears with your parents, elder brother or sister, they would be the best supporters for you.

    Pray and spend some time in meditation, even 10-15 minutes is fine.

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    I have read the thread and the responses. My view is to some extent different. I have seen that almost all good students, average students and poor students feel very tensed on the eve of the examination. That is quite natural. Only very few extremely good students and terribly poor students don't get tensed at all. A reasonable level of tension is okay before the examination. If the tension is very high, the student may feel unwell. If there is no tension, students tend to make silly mistakes.

    From my personal experience, I can say that whenever I did not feel tension prior to any particular paper, I always committed some very silly errors. Little bit of tension helps us to remain alert during the examination.

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