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    Why did we not take expired items?

    I am interested to know, why we did not take expire items? if we go to the market to buying the item for home, In that first we see the expire date and then we buy this item. when this item was expired then we do not buy it. so why?
    I have want to know what are affect to take expire items?
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    We should be very careful about choosing an item and look for the expiry date. Using expiry items have many side effects. Whether it is cosmetics or food products, we must be careful about the manufacturing date and expiry date. Once I used a lip balm and I did not notice that it had already expired. Very soon my lips got darker in color and it took very long to get back to original color.
    If we consume food that has already expired, then there are chances that a person will fall sick. He might suffer diarrhoea or food poison. And expired cosmetics might lead to skin irritations and allergy. Anything that we consume or apply to our body, we must be very careful about the expiry date.

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    All the medicines are made of various organic chemicals. These chemicals will slowly getting reacted with the chemicals available in the atmosphere and it may be losing its purity and some impurities may start forming. So the concentration will change and the properties will also change. Basing on the properties of the chemicals the determination will start after a particular time. Once it is started it may get changed very fast. So all the chemicals will have their stability for a particular period only. After that period some chemicals may not give desired results and some chemicals may become harmful. Hence once the expiry date has come then that chemicals should not be used.There is a practice for chemicals for other uses may be evaluated after expiry date and extend the date for some more period.
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    With regards to expired items, we need to consider it according to the product, the intended use and the actual label. Most product would have a use by date. Any internal cream, any tablets, inject able medications, any prepared meal product, it should not be used after the expiry date.

    For instance, if you see cornflakes, there would be date printed. I have personally eaten cornflakes two weeks after the expiry month, nothing happened. But the same risk we cannot take for Jam or Butter. Similarly I would not mind eating biscuits that are a few days after the expiry date but I wouldn't do the same for bread. What I mean is, we have use our common sense and take a call based on the commodity.

    At home for items in the medicine cabinet, kitchen shelves, fridge, We can follow a simple policy that hospitals do 'First In, First Out'. This just helps us not the waste too many numbers for items that we stock regularly ( eggs, butter, common medicines like paracetamol, pain killers etc).

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    When you are paying full money you are bound to get right quantity and quality and that too within the expiry date. Every product especially the food items are more governed by the expiry rules and one should not buy the items after the expiry date as it may give negative impact on the health. Likewise even the medicines have certain period and over which the expiry date comes, We should not take such medicines which are expired. Consumer act provides for rejecting those items which have crossed the expiry date and have the fresh goods in its place. And never purchase those goods which are about to expire .
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    It is good to see the expiry dates before buying any item. It is only possible when we buy in super markets but is somewhat difficult to check when we buy from small shops or retailers. But special care should be taken in case of medicines though they pharmacists take care. If we buy expired items our name will be listed as 'expired'.

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    Any item has got its best shelf life as a certain period. The expiry date is fixed considering that. Not all items become unusable after the expiry date. It simply means that the manufacturere will not be held liable for the quality after the expiry date. In fact many items remain good and usable well after expiry date also.

    But many items start losing their quality over a period of time. Some loose their colour, smell, taste and some even get infected by bacteria and pests. Many medicines lose their potency over a period of time.

    Hence, it is always better to look for the expiry date and buy an item which you will be able to within the expiry date.

    Once I had consciously purchased an expired item and bargained for a discount.The item was lamp oil.I knew that just because the expiry date is over it does not cause any quality loss. More
    overit is not a food item and thus no harm will be caused. I got it for a discount from the vendor.

    Many malls and shops offer higher discounts on items nearing their expiry date to avoid dead stock.

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    Regarding expiry date, there is one peculiar type of expiry date which is the expiry date of the LPG cylinders. As a matter of fact, it is not the expiry date in real sense. Instead it is 'test due date' which is popularly referred to as the expiry date of the cylinders.

    LPG cylinders are required to be tested periodically after each 5 years ( except in the case of first test, which is carried out after 10 years) to ascertain that the cylinder is fit for further filling. A thorough examination and hydrostatic testing of cylinders is carried out at 'cylinder testing stations' recognised by the Chief Controller of Explosives.

    Such test due dates are marked on the cylinders on its stay plate as A-18, B-18, C-18, D-18 etc. The letter A stands for January to March quarter, letter B covers April to June quarter, the letter C stands for July to September and D denotes the time period of October to December. So if the characters on the vertical stay plates carry the date 'A – 19', it means the expiry date of the cylinder is March 2019.

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