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    It is necessary to save water for future.

    Water is essential for all living beings for their life. In the Earth, there are more than 75% of water but only 2.5%-3% water is drinkable for the human. so it is necessary to save water. but in our daily life, we waste a lot of water. It is our duty to save water by digging wells, in monsoon save the rainwater.
    so please save the water for future and don't waste it.
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    Without water we can't live on this earth. For various activities water is required. We can't imagine thi earth without water. Already we all started purchasing water and in many places we find the scarcity of water. But unfortunately a lot of river water is being wasted by many of us. By wasting water we are denying future generations lifo on this earth. We should not waste water. We should start rain water harvesting and see that underground water reserves levels are increased. We should start making percolation pits and is to be seen that rain water is saved.
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    The issue of water, specifically drinking water, has been discussed in some of the threads earlier. Water is something which cannot be substituted with any other matter. Water comes to us from different sources. But the main sources are rain and ice. The water falling on earth get collected in different places, like river, pond, well, sea, lakes, beneath the ground, etc. It is important to preserve these sources in order to get water without fail. If not preserved all water will end up in sea. It means the availability of pure water will be in trouble.
    Now we need strict plans to preserve the water sources with all importance. Now we are polluting all drinking water sources. Industrialisation, tree felling, filling ponds and paddy fields, removal of forests and hills, polluting wells and rivers and such other actions from human beings continuously reduce the water availability on earth.
    Hence it is most important to preserve water, if we are to continue on earth.

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    Actually in KSA they filter water from Ocean so in future drinking water will be available but machinery for filters need more improvement but We need to use water whatever actually need is good idea everyone should have same habit but kids waste more water we need to control them .
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    There has been consistently much demand for the water as the population increase year after year and the usage of water is also more. But the resources of providing water is the same and thereby shortage of water , particularly drinking water is felt every year after year. Though new methods are devised to mitigate the drinking water problem, still the demand for it never comes down. Some of the house holds are converting their bore water into drinkable water through RO process but that facility is not available with all. That is why Telangana government has taken up the Mission Katatiya project, under which all the ponds, tanks, lakes, rivers and other water bodies, which were subject to neglect and not maintained earlier are restored and further deepened to save more water for the future for the drinking and irrigation purpose. Hope this time Hyderabad should not have water woes.
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    Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available fresh water resources to meet water demand. Many countries of the world are heavily dependent on the grains imported from other countries due to shortage of water for agricultural purposes. It is feared that even larger countries like China and India may soon become dependent on the imported food grains. Water table is falling in many countries including India due to widespread overpumping using powerful diesel and electric pumps.

    Impact of water scarcity is not limited to the shortage of drinking water only. Another aspects of water shortage is spread of waterborne diseases due to lack of sanitation and hygiene. According to a World Bank report , about 88 percent of all waterborne diseases are caused by unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene.

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