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    Discover (alternatives) today so that we have a tomorrow.

    The present-day world is growing at such a rapid pace that man is literally running out of many things in life. In some cities around the world are running out of the water and this has become a reality in South Africa and other places of the world.

    Similarly, the traditional resources of fuel, minerals, and even sand are getting exhausted. In the larger picture, some countries are running out of land for people to live and our claiming land from the sea.

    Logically, we are well into a path of no return with respect to the resources that are needed for our lives and the industries that support us.

    I think the time of crisis is upon the people around the world. Instead of just talking, let's all discover alternative ways to sustain ourselves, to sustain our existing resources, to sustain and preserve the green over. When various capable minds and the powers come together, this would result in sustainable energy, sustainable farming/environment, sustainable human habitats and ultimately a sustainable world.

    So, let's discover alternative resources (water, fuel, energy, clean air, consumable food) today so that at least 'we' can have 'our tomorrow' and the 'future humans' can live 'their today'.

    My entry for the Topic for TOW contest
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    It is true we should discover alternatives today so that we will have a better tomorrow. At the same time not wasting the available resources is another genuine attempt to save the mankind on the earth. Already many places all essential naturally available resources are deplenshing and we are not knowing where we are leading.Solar energy is once alternative way for generating power and similarly other alternatives for all resources should be discovered. In the absence of these natural resources our tomorrow is gloomy. Let us see that this alarming situation will not come.
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