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    The mystery of the green toy cycle

    On a cloudless night, in a residential neighborhood, a couple hugged each other with tears in their eyes, only the two knew the screaming headlines of the next day. The following morning, the city was shocked to hear about one more mysterious but brutal death of a young man. Over the last year, this was the sixth death that baffled everyone.

    Curiously, a small green toy was found at the scene of the crime. This was a toy bicycle with a fit rider in full cycling gear. Three weeks later, Sharma (CBI officer in charge) was frustrated because there was no breakthrough and the political pressure on him was mounting as three of the victims were children of central ministers.

    Over his favorite whiskey and cigar in hand, Sharma began staring at the green cycle toy as if it would tell the truth. Nostalgic memories flashed past him, his cases, his career, his good teachers. Suddenly, Sharma got up, angry with himself for not asking for help from Mr.Nair, his best teacher.

    Mr.Nair was a leading a quiet life in a hill station. Sharma re-told the details of the case; after a couple of days, Nair, known for his analytical mind, summarised that the murders were not for money but were well planned and executed by well-disciplined minds that knew the investigative procedures like the back of their hands, the green cycle rider toy found near the victim was a symbol/reminder of a young energetic person who loves cycling. So, Nair concluded that Sharma should look into families of law enforcement agencies and also check a trivial but common link between the victims.

    After his return, Sharma met the families once more. The only new fact was that 6 years back, all six were holidaying at Interlaken in Switzerland. Sharma via his senior contacts spoke to the chief of police of Interlaken. He found out that the six had been arrested for possession of drugs. Suddenly, a junior officer burst into the room with a new lead. Mr and Mrs. Arora had lost their only son in a tragic accident in Switzerland. Mr. Arora was the DIG of police and Mrs.Arora, a forensic criminologist. A quick call and fax from Interlaken confirmed the link and Sharma was elated.

    He hit upon a brilliant idea of approaching Mrs. Arora for help. At the Arora residence, he saw a framed certificate from a cycling championship. Sharma quietly laid the printout of a newspaper report about the Switzerland cycling accident. Mrs.Arora knew that the game was up. She explained, how the six men who, under the influence of drugs, not only caused the accident but also left her son to die on the hillside without helping him. Angered by how money and power helped the six to escape the law, Mr. and Mrs. Arora had meticulously planned and killed the six men who had left their only son to die, their loving son who was a cycling aficionado.

    My entry for the photo contest.
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    A totally different concept. It is like a detective story in which the toy is used as a clue for understanding the mystery of the case. a good attempt by the author to go in a different way from other interpretations.
    always confident

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