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(Winner of the TOW contest for the week 25th Feb-3rd Mar'18 on topic - Discover)
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    What haven't we discovered !

    There's no limit to what we can discover
    Every human on this planet is an explorer
    In the short span of time, what haven't we found?
    Starting from fire to the satellites that are around.
    We have ventured to the impregnable spaces
    We have dived deep into intamable oceans
    Discovering and settling in different places
    We have founded magnificent civilizations.

    Giving up the axe and taking up the plough
    A trivial act that helped the civilizations grow.
    We discovered wheels that helped us move
    From country to country on rafts we rowed.
    Codes of law, number system to count,
    architecture and art that are profound,
    Mountains of silver to Australian platypus
    What haven't we discovered throughout the years?
    We built strong and awe-inspiring construction.
    We also invented the weapons of mass destruction.

    What started with pulley
    ended in electricity.
    Health care effective enough
    to grant us immortality.
    But these are still not enough
    For the ambitious explorer
    Who just wants to discover
    New fertile lands to plunder

    We have discovered tons
    But nothing of importance
    We are yet to discover freedom and peace
    Until then, we'll only gather facts in name of discoveries.
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    A well written poem which goes in depth on various discoveries that were made through the years for good for mankind the ultimate urge for freedom and peace is not yet discovered. This entry fit for award.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The theme of the entry is good. The author has mentioned various discoveries but ultimately said that still the best has to come, some feels there is no freedom. But many feels freedom is given more than required. Thoughts and ideas will vary. Finding peace is the infividua's priority. So every one should discover themselves a path for peace. None can discover and give us the peace. The freedom and peace will come with your own satisfaction.
    always confident

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    A poetic rendition of the theme of the contest has been presented by the author.

    Perhaps, peace need not be and cannot be discovered. Instead, it is well known to the mankind since ages. Discoveries are made only in respect of unknown things. Peace is not an unknown thing to the mankind. Therefore, we are not being able to discover peace.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Great Aditya,man discovered many things initially to survive and provide for his family, children and the tribe. This was a simple but justifiable reason to keep discovering.

    Somewhere down the line, man and mankind made the most dangreous discovery, our own greed, our greed to have more and more. If you look back to the major wars and conflicts right from ancient times, the common reason would be greed for more land, greed for more power, greed for more money and greed or lust for women. This discover of greed is instaiable and it keeps on growing.

    If Mankind starts to slow down, then goes a few steps back and starts forgetting greed, then we surely can discover peace and freedom.

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