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(Special Prize Winner of the TOW contest for the week 25th Feb-3rd Mar'18 on topic - Discover)
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    Discover relaxation in pleasant old memories

    We as human being live rather a carefree life till we are married, have children and then the realities of life and family responsibilities dawn on us. It is this during this phase when life often tends to becomes stressful at times and people start thinking of different ways to relax which may be music, meditation, outing, party, meeting friends etc. But are there any other means to discover relaxation?

    As we pass through different stages of life like childhood, teenage, adulthood etc we keep on filling our mind with pleasant memories on the way. You must have felt that sometimes unboxing and getting lost in old golden memories of your life can literally relax you and take away all your worries for a while.

    So next time when you are stressed unwind yourself on your bed, switch off the light, close your eyes, press the rewind button and allow yourself to drift into those pleasant past memories and scenes of your life.

    Visualise the events of your childhood days and fun you had with your family and friends. Recall memories of your school days.

    Take a virtual visit to the place where you were born and brought up. Visualise the house which you lived in, lanes you used to walk in and markets you used to visit along with your friends and family.

    Rediscover that top of the world feeling you had when you got admission to the career course of your choice.

    Think about that unique feeling of financial independence you had when you landed your first job. Imagine about all the shopping you did with your first salary for your family members.

    Take your mind towards those fun experiences you had along with your friends during your college and hostel life, movies you watched, dinner parties you had.

    Recall that beautiful experience when you first met your spouse.

    After this nostalgic self-hypnosis experience, I am sure you would feel more relaxed than before.

    Entry for the TOW contest
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    Very nice thought emanated from the author's mind connecting to the tow topic. Yes when we confront with problems and challenges, no one would either console us or help us. It is better we alone take the control of the situation by bringing the old memories of good moments with us, our small achievements. our success in personal life and how we coped up with challenging situation in the past. These are the confidence building measures within us and that would certainly hike the performance urge now. And never bowed down by the challenges which come on the way. Because they are the testing tools to surge ahead.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It depends basically on the mental make up or the attitude of the individuals. A person with positive bent of mind can discover relaxation and joy under any circumstances whereas a person with negative orientation, is likely to always find himself in a miserable condition.

    People do immerse themselves in the past memories to discover many things. As a matter of fact our past memories never abandon us. They ride our mind always wherever we move or whatever we do. However, all past memories need not be refreshing and pleasant only. While browsing through the memories, we cannot really sift only the joyful events, totally skipping the opposite one.

    We can never escape from the clutches of our past. The past memories remain ever with us, often encouraging and motivating us to do better in our life.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The author has given a good idea to relive in past through virtual travelogue and enjoy the feelings once again.

    In fact, sweet memories are a joyful thing and one must remember them to harness their pleasant effect anytime in the life.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is correct. Whenever we are in stress diverting the mind from the subject which is causing the stress and think of another subject. Generally I used to go for reading a fiction novel which will make us to get immersed into the suspense and our mind will get diverted. Another way is to think of pleasant moments we experienced in the past it may be about your childhood days or student days or hostel days. This will make you happy and you will forget the stress your are experiencing. Sometimes you may be able to find a simple solution for the problem which is giving you the stress.
    always confident

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