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    How important is moral support for survival?

    Everyone needs moral support in their life to keep going no matter how strong a person is. When we fear for something, a moral support from someones helps us in overcoming it. When we are alone or lonely or depressed, again moral support helps us a lot in such situations. No matter how much financial support we get, without moral support it is difficult to pass the tough phase. There are few people who are strong and say they do not depend on anyone for any support and can handle things alone. But do you it is easy to face the tough situation without support? How important is moral support according to you?
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    All days are not same in our real life and we are bound to confront with ease and sad moments. While we are happy, we bask in the glory of achievements, But when we are in sad mood, no one would console us and in fact feel elated that we are in problem. There are good friends around us who may mitigate our urgent financial needs, but we want a person who can understand our plight and extend moral support. When a death occurs in our family and when we loose some one who is most wanted in the family, then moral support of any sort will be more soothing and sought at that hour.
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    The act of helping someone by giving love, encouragement etc. is called moral support. Though it involves nothing more than emotional or psychological value of encouragement, but it do matters a lot in most of the cases particularly when one is undergoing a difficult situation.

    In case of sad demises of an individual, his/her immediate family members experience an excruciating pain. Under such circumstances, not only the people very close to the individual but even acquaintances also assemble to express their condolences, which renders moral support also to the mourners.

    The institution of family plays a very important role in providing moral support of other family members under stressful situations. However, there are few people who try to tread on their own without revealing their inner turmoil to the society.

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    It is very true that there are many occasions in our life when we require moral support to withstand the adversities and turmoil in our life. The support extended by our friends and relatives becomes a crucial factor in such cases and that is the only thing which helps us in coming back to normal life quickly.

    Moral support is the backbone of our efforts to cope up and manage the aftermath of vicissitudes in our life.

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    When we are happy we don't see for any support and we feel we are on the top. But when we are in a problem if some come and tap on our back and console us and advise is to be brave and go ahead, we get a little relief from the pain. So moral support is very much required. Generally, when you have a lot of money with you many will come to you and praise you. But when you are in difficulties only your well wishers come and help you to become normal. When our efforts are not giving fruitful results you will get pained in the heart. Those times if somebody comes and tries to point out your mistakes the grief will get enlarged. Instead of that if they try to be with you and advise you to be patient and help you in resolving your problem you will get the required energy. Moral support for the children from their parents helps them to excel in their attempts.
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    Human beings are social creatures, we need interaction and support to succeed, be happy and to prosper.
    In desperate times, there would be people to lend a helping hand by means of financial aid, giving them a job, a place to live etc. But getting moral support is different because there are no such favours.

    Moral support is given by people who are our well-wishers, true friends and family who stand by us during our troubles and difficulties. It would a few kind words, a letter of positive support, a gesture of solidarity and most important, it is not sympathy.

    Few may believe or be over-confident that they can handle everything but deep within, they would be longing for some moral support. A person who has lost his job, failed in the exams, incurs a financial loss, loses a family member or close friend, all of these people need moral support to get their lives back on track.

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