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    Discover the Ocean which lies within you

    Human Being is the highest and most precious creation of GOD. After a long evolutionary process human beings were created on this earth. Since they came on this earth they are ardent seekers of truth. Down the ages many incarnations came on this earth to discover the greatest truth, i.e., your inner self; that means who you are.

    Meditation helps you to discover the real truth, i.e., ocean of power which lies within you. General science and Medical science only deals with all experiments and their results. A cancer patient, when goes to a doctor he treats the patient from his limited knowledge of Medical sciences. But the doctor, if thorough in meditation, he can treat the patient from inner side, i.e., he tries to discover the patient's cause of pain and mental misbalances which are the root of his disease.

    It would not be irrelevant to mention over here that through Sahaj Yoga meditation a human being, after self realization, becomes a soul. Then his attention gets enlightened and he gets united with all pervading power, i.e., the GOD omnipotent. Then he discovers the real truth, i.e., the ocean of power which lies within himself. This joyous state is not to be compared with the pleasure of this materialistic world.

    This is an entry for the TOW contest.
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    Nice thought provoking thread from the author which digs up the real in us by exploring more through meditation and real understanding of our strength. Normally we think we are weak when compared to others physically and mentally, but we never made a try to discover our inner strength. The author has opened up new thinking process within us which envisages exploring the self before seeking favour or help from others to come out of any challenging situation being faced by us. When we try to believe our own selves and if that confident sustains, we can achieve many which were discarded and kept aloof.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Despite so much progress made by the humans, still there are many things not fully understood by them. As a matter of fact the understanding or knowledge of the human beings is limited to the range of their sensory organs only. But it doesn't means that nothing lies beyond the sensory perceptions of the humans. Even after extension of the sensory range by invention of instruments like telescope and microscope etc., the humans are still struggling to fully discover the mysteries and marvels of the nature.

    Spirituality and meditation etc. is one such arena which is fathomless. The more we delve deeper, the more we discover. It is like finding the pearls or nuggets of knowledge by immersing ourselves in yoga and meditation like spiritual exercises

    People often mistake yoga, pranayama and meditation etc. as a form of physical exercise. They fail to understand its depth and infinite vistas which is boundless.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    We have a cultural heritage of spirituality and meditation and our ancestors were very much advanced in this pursuit.

    Unfortunately, in the race for modernisation and physical luxuries, we have forgotten those things.

    Still, those who understand these techniques of introspection and self-realization are practising them and being benefited.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is very difficult to focus on a particular subject at one time. But if we can develop the technic of focussing on the issue you will get the solution very fast. For achieving this concentration yoga and meditation will help a lot. These activities will bring in immense potential lying in the individual on to the subject and can make himto fins out a simple solution for the problem he is facing. But these days people learnt to run after money. A doctor will try to send off a patient as quickly as possible so that he can cover more patients and get more money. But he should understand that he is not doing justice to the faith kept by the patient by coming to him for getting cured. If this point is understood by one and all and focus on the task they are addressing at present. Otherwise they will be lost and they may not be realising their real potential lying in them.
    always confident

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    A nice thread, to discover our own inner power. Meditation, restoring harmony of the forces, enhancing the positive energy all bring out the inner strength of humans and having a holistic approach to many aspects of life would enable us to discover the spiritual side of us. Modern medicine is just one little aspect of treating illness. Likewise there are many alternative forms, colour therapy, magnetic therapy, reki, yoga all of which are used in disease and health to address the body, mind and soul rather that just organ systems alone.

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