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    This is also a smart idea

    A smart city is really a great idea; everybody was talking about it in the town and as soon as the city of Dehradun got in the list of getting a chance of becoming a smart city. The talk became burning sensation in the town. But everybody has his own visualization of a smart city for some it was a city with proper infrastructure with all the facilities, for some it was a clean city with cleanliness all around, for some it was a city with superfast internet connectivity but no one had a clear cut idea.
    And one day the government asked all the local public to send their ideas through models and sketches of the smart city they perceive. Most of the models included the same things as good transportation and superfast connectivity.
    Rajesh a civil engineer also developed his modal for the competition with well-planned building structure surrounded by trees and parks, schools and cars moving here and there on a modal overall a city with all the luxuries in it.The city looked so good from outside but he thought something is missing in the city which should be eye-catching about the city, but wasn't able to identify what it is exactly.
    He was lost in thought suddenly his 12-year nephew Raj entered the room and saw the modal as if it is a toy and asked Uncle don't you think this much numbers of cars will create so much pollution in the city. I have read about the noise pollution and air pollution which these cars create in my environmental science class, can't we find a solution to make our city as beautiful as it is in the modal without these cars polluting it.
    So Rajesh asked his nephew so My little protestor what do you propose to make our city smart without cars, Raj went back running to his room and brought his toy who was riding a bicycle and placed that instead of cars and said don't you think uncle our city will still look smart.
    Aren't bicycle users smart?
    Rajesh was mesmerized by his nephew's idea and said yes they are smarter people and we have to make everyone smarter like you and replace all these cars with the bicycle or less polluting vehicles.
    And Rajesh finally got the eye-catching factor he was missing and then sent his modal with the bicycle as a common vehicle to be used in the city for nearby distances and cars only for the distant purpose to the ministry.
    His modal is still under consideration but Rajesh was highly satisfied with the innovative ideas the new generation like his nephew is coming up with, and how a smart city can mean so many things for so many people.
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    Nice write up by the author connecting the photo contest with that of smart city project being developed across the country. Even in AP , the Chandra Babu Naidu government which is now on the job of setting up of new capital at Amravati, has imported bicycles from foreign country which can be effortlessly driven for the short distance, and thus there would be greater control on environment maintenance and the new capital campus would be free from pollution emanating vehicle . The author has really brought in a very good topic to the fore and sure to win this contest for granted and this is my prediction.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Interesting narration by the author for use of cycles to decrease pollution in the city.

    The example of Dehradun is also an apt one as this was a small town but to accommodate for offices and other paraphernalia of the capital of Uttarakhand state it became overcrowded beyond its capacity and suffering from urban congestion.

    Nice attempt for the contest.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Earlier we used to see many people riding bicycles on the road. The students used to use bicycle for going to schools and colleges and the workers used to go to their workplace on bicycles only. Many people who used to commute daily to distant places for work involving journey by train also, used to have two bicycles at each of the railway stations at both the ends. The cycle stands at railway stations used to be quite big. Then there were cycle rickshaw or tricycles also as a means of local transport. In the India's first planned city Jaipur, built about 250 years ago, cycle tracks can be seen on either side of major roads.

    However, nowadays we hardly spot a bicycle in any metro or other major cities. The roads are full with cars and motorcycles billowing smoke uninterruptedly. The residents of such cities are inhaling so much particulate matter besides obnoxious gases and other contaminants present in the air.

    The idea of a smart city with bicycles as a mode of transport appeals. But perhaps only in story writing contests, as a piece of creative writing. Is it practically possible?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In 1990s in the OrganisTion I was working almost 600 workers were working. All of them used to come by bicycles. We have constructed a cycle stand for parking their bicycles. When I used to enter in to the factory premises by seeing the cycle stand I was able to have an understanding about the attendance. But by 200 year 50% of the cycle riders became motor cyclists. By the year 2010 no cycle in the shed. From 2015 the company has to make provisions for car parking also. This indicates how much improvement is there in the richness of the persons. But it also indicates how much pollution is increased. This is a sample.The same way every where none is preferring a bicycle. So even though the thought of the author is very good thought and will definitely improve the environment practically is it possible to make it a reality is the question. A good idea. I read somewhere in some of the foreign countries they started using bicycles and stoppped using cars for short distances,
    always confident

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    #628391 Kailash sir in response to your question is this idea practically possible?
    I believe it is possible if people are willing and determined to clean their environment and the air they breathe this is possible.
    If they are ready to forget their ostentatious lifestyle for a moment and think about the degradation of the environment, it is possible.
    The only requirement for this idea to be implemented is the willingness of the people nor the rules or regulations by the government of the infrastructure development.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    It is very good thought by the author for photo story contest.

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    One more story of being eco-friendly, the planner of a smart city using the concept of cycles to negate the effect of pollution. This is slowly happening in some cities on trail basis. In Bangalore few has started planning on cycle tracks on regular routes to encourage cycling. Between metro stations as of now, there are two wheelers that you can take from A to B and leave it at B. On the similar lines, if they use cycles, it would be commendable and would be good for the environment too.

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