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    Are fractured verdicts in elections good for our democracy?

    The emergence of regional parties in India has changed the election scenario completely. The national parties are not in a position to contest individually in the elections to the Parliament and State Assemblies. Alliance with one or the other regional parties has become a necessity. The alliances are not based on any principles but with the sole aim of winning the elections. We find that in many elections, fractured verdicts are given by the voters. In some cases, none of the parties or the alliances get a clear verdict and force them to come to an understanding with the others. This results in horse trading and corruption. We all know that the political corruption is the biggest menace in the country. In view of the fractured verdicts, it is becoming difficult to form stable governments. Is it not high time to solve this problem to end corruption and instability in the forming of the governments?
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    What I feel instead of entire results going to the favour of a single party, there must be equal distribution of seats or at least some formidable seats for the opposition so that ruling party would be kept in tow. But the present elections are seems to be dominating in favour of one party and in future I fear there wont be strong opposition either in Parliament or the state assemblies. In that case the courts must be the watch dog and keep the record of promises made by the parties coming to power and their actual functioning in that regard. Then only people get certain benefits otherwise nothing .
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    It is really not good to have a fractured verdict. We have witnessed many such verdict. The PVNR period is the best example for the same.Becauseof his political acumen he was able to manage for five years. But he faced many controversies of attracting other MPs by offering them bribes and others. Of course afterwards he was relieved from all those allegations.
    Again the coalition governments also may not survive for a long time as their interests vary and everybody will have their personal agendas. As such the elections will get repeated very early which is a vey costly affair and lot of peole's Money will get wasted. Hence it is better to have a strong party and better to have a strong party. But there should be a strong opposition also. Otherwise what will happen is known to everyone who are seeing a India since independence.

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    This is not a good trend, I have mentioned along similar lines whenever a new entrant or a new view of an old party is issued. When there are multiple players in the game and no one has a strong credibility, then we cannot blame the people. They do the job of the electorate but because of the crowded platform and unethical means, the verdict gets fractured or the majority is not arrived at. At such situations, the political parties for their own survival start indulging in unfair practices with various permutations and combinations to get close to the magic figure.

    When there is such alliances, most of the time is wasted in trying to broker peace within the house and little time is left out for carrying out the actual duties for which we elect the political leaders. Take for instance Tamil Nadu, Kamal Hassan, Rajinikanth, the issue with statue vandalism, this would scatter the votes. Similarly in AP if Chandrababu Naidu has to exit out of the BJP alliance, then he along with the other leaders will be wooing the voters and again a clear cut winner would be difficult.

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