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    Are social relationships dependent on the financial status of the individuals?

    As we all know, the humans as a social animal have to live in a close knit social environment which enables them to extend support and cooperation to each other as and when required. Consider the life in a typical conventional village of India. In the event of wedding of a girl in one of the families, the entire village used to extend support to the family in one form or the other. Even in the cities, exchange of gifts, often in the form of cash, creates a pool of resources which help the family by meeting a part of expenditure incurred. Many people estimate the likely receipts and include the same in the planned expenditure as it is presumed that the people will reciprocate their gesture of extending support to their families in the past.

    However, it is seen that some of those who become wealthier in due course gradually withdraw themselves from such activities primarily because they become self sufficient and don't require support of others. Thus it appears that the social bonhomie depends on the financial status. Only those who require support of others indulge themselves in maintaining social bonds.

    What are your observations in this regard?
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    The quote by Aristotle - "All human relations are monetary relations" is always a golden saying and appears to be true at any point of time. I would like to add that the converse is also true in the present scenario of busy life and family bonding and friendships circulate round the epicenter of the most energetic force - 'money'. Those who have studied the Chemistry may be knowing about Chemical bonding which are influenced by the Electron affinity. Same is the case here with reference to money and human relations.

    Not all. But many of those who got stabilized financially would try to ignore those people whom they feel not required / are of value like a 'Curry leaf' will surely fall in the category whom you were referring in this thread.


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    What I have observed in my life that those who are well off financially with good contented life, they care foot for others and they stop mingling in functions, abstain from public glare and want to keep low profile fearing people would seek financial help from them. For them socialising is waste of time, instead they would spend more time and energy in exploring how to make more money with the available money as the great investment in other sources. And these are people would later repent for not maintaining relations and god dedicated friends. And their life ends with none to even lift the dead body ?
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    It is true. These days the people who acquired richness during the course of their life will try to be away from the people of less wealth. Being good with them and making friendship with them may be felt unnecessary. This trend is more in villages because the familiarity here is more. In cities some people may not bother about it. But some rich people in cities also decide on the method of inviting based on the social status of the other person. For rich families they personallygo and invite them. If they are a little less richer than them, they will invite them by phone and send the card separately. For the remaining people it is by emails or whatsApp of messages. In case of coemployees,the M.D. thinks giving an individual invitation is not required to his employees. He sends like an official note a card attached to a list of employees he intend to invite. The note will e circulated among those employees. The employee has to read and sign on the notice. After that if the employee fails to attend the marriage the M.D. will get annoyed. These employees has to go there as unwanted guests give a gift collectively or separately and eat and comeback. This is the way they behave.
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    Perhaps the persons who becomes rich in due course withdraw themselves from their erstwhile circle as they have attained self sufficiency and are no longer dependent on their support and cooperation. They form a new social circle and maintain social relationships also but with only those persons who are likely to prove useful in future.
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    Yes, I agree with the author that in present scenario the relationships depend on the financial status of individuals. If there is a poor person, no one wants to show his relationship with him. But everyone wants to make a relationship with the rich person.
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    What the author has mentioned in the first part of thread still happens among office colleagues, college friends who are starting their lives. For our wedding, our teachers paid the accommodating bookings for our first trip to Ooty. Similarly people pool in money to help the couple buy a microwave, a mixer, or give the cash so that it can used constructively. We have done the same for some of our colleagues and friends.

    Responding to the second part and the title, this would be true. Keeping aside emotions, if we analyse each relationship we have, it would either be out of love, an obligation or a unsaid system of barter (exchange of favors) or with intent of gain at a later date. There would be few relationships that are built without expecting anything in return, this would include some family bonds. People whose lives are going smoothly and have enough funds and means would be independent and our ability to support them or help would not be feasible. Here, the social relationships would be different than the earlier ones we spoke about.

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    The people have come so clever and smart, they see every aspect of relationship with gain and loss basis. If i maintain relationship with Mr.A what i am going to gain or lose. If i am gaining i will make good relation and the moment i fulfilled my desire/ my work is out, i will cut off from that person. Now-a -days relationship is fake and artificial.
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    It is a fact that social status has some role in choosing friends. It may not be intentionally. But it so happens. May be that, selection of friends unintentionally limit to the same economic class. Even the selection of residential plots limit to the locality where the same income groups are more.
    This attitude could be seen even among student groups. Those who posses car or motor bike form a group. Others will have different groups. This can again be seen among the office going category. Senior officers may not mingle with the Assistants. In short the money status or income status divide the society into different groups.

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    Considering only the subject matter then this is a fact to a large extent. When you are financially sound then you are comfortable with your daily needs so wouldn't hesitate to go into the market & do purchasing. Adding, that the person having good financial back-up is considered to be a good potential to assist & help others. So the others added to your contacts automatically as the position will allow others may feel secured of that the person wouldn't ask for credits. On the contrary the others may feel the need to come to you for assistance.

    This is satire as well as tells us the very society that we live into. We have expectations from others when we need them but at the same time we also face the contrary position. We are mean by nature so this is natural.

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    It is very true that good financial condition is a prerequisite for liberal spending in social functions or get to gathers.

    Only those who can afford to spend can take lead in giving parties to others on a drop of a hat.

    Poor and middle class have to manage their livelihood and regular expenses with a lot of planning and control on expenditure. They cannot afford to waste money like that.

    There are some prudent and wise rich people who in spite of their riches spend money carefully and do not believe in showing off or unnecessary indulgences. Alas, such people are few in numbers.

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