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    Are they eyeing on National politics?

    The words and action of the Chief Ministers of the twin Telugu states these days are not in tune to the NDA. Are they eyeing on National politics? It sounds so.

    With the slogans going rounds in the streets of the state of AP for 'Special Category Status' which was denied by the NDA Government, the TDP staged a protest in the Parliament for neglecting the residual Telugu state after carnation of the state of Telangana. The AP Chief Minister is stated to have been in touch with leaders with some non-Congress and other regional leaders and the new found politician in Tamilnadu Kamal Hasan. While K Chandrasekhar Rao is going down the pitch and went on saying the importance of the Third Force in National politics.

    Well, KCR may be satisfied with his son-rise in the state and can promote him to the CM rank after next elections as his son K T Rama Rao, the IT Minister doing marvelously with his brilliant performance. On the other hand, Chandrababu Naidu also made his son Lokesh a MLC and a Minster for IT appears to leave the mantle for his son after next elections. Can we say this could be one of the reasons for gaining momentum for Third Force at national level? Interestingly, people like Mulayam are not speaking about this. What do you say?
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    On seeing a upsurge of BJP to NE region, the alarm bells have already rung in the minds of regional parties which were strong in the South and now the BJP would sabotage their continued presence and thus TRS President and CM of Telangana K Chandrasekhara Rao has said that he is talking to the like minded parties to form a regional front and thus TRS want to plunge in National politics. According to KCR both Congress and BJP failed to address the regional expectations and aspirations and thus there is a need for third front to take on BJP in future. And KCR may succeed as he has the instinct to achieve .
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    It looks like that. The chances of making KTR as CM in the next elections and he himself thinking of going to Delhi are very high. But I personally feel that it is not very easy for him to bring all the other parties except Congress and BJP. Basically himself and Babu may not go together. Babu is a more shrewd politician than KCR. So the other parties may show interest in Babu than KCR. KCR is well known for not following his own promises and how he ditched congress is known to all. Thinking that he will stand on his word that is merging his party with congress once separate state is given, Sonia managed to divide the state and later on SHAR happened is known to all of us. So many may not take him as a good option. Then Babu is having good chances. But he may not opt for it in 2019 as his son requires some more time to get matured to take up the Head of the Ministry post. So I feel that this time forming a third may be a little difficult. Another aspect that will go against this coalition is too many eggs in the same basket which is never advisable for the development.
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    There were some reports about KCR hinting that its not the third front by the main front. Naidu and AP is angered that they have been let down with the special status issue, KCR wanted more assembly seats and was denied. There are a few leaders who are not a threat individually can have the potential if they are united under a single banner.

    An alliance of all these players would be a challenge to BJP and Congress. Jagan (YSR congress party) is also eyeing and campaigning for the 2019 elections, making rallies etc.

    The problem would be, who would take command and who would agree to follow as second in command etc. Such alliances are for common personal gain and a way to ensure survival rather than in the larger interests of people.

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