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    Do you feel like communicating with fellow ISCians on receiving their responses on your thread?

    Most of us have never met any fellow ISCians in person. However, we find ourselves bonded through a special kind of relationship. On receipt of responses on our threads from other authors , we feel like communicating with them. In this manner the forum section of the ISC has got a special importance and significance.

    I feel that without being active in the forum section, one will not feel that much satisfied even on being active in the other sections like Ask Expert, Articles, Jobs and Question Papers though the same are comparatively more remunerative.

    Do you feel like communicating with fellow ISCians on receiving their responses on your thread?

    What are your experiences in this regard?
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    For most of my threads the responses would be quick and apt to the topic and on the expected lines. I feel elated on seeing the response which testifies that I have touched their topic and that is why feel at home to answer forth with. Secondly by seeing such responses I sometimes feel that there can be more interaction in person so that much exchange of views can takes place. It is the natural reactions of anybody that when we meet personally we get renewed energy and open up our inner heart feelings and thus when soothing response comes during talks, it will further escalate our relations.
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    Many times I feel like communicating with the members of ISC after seeing their responses. Through one of my response Mohan came to know that we both stay in near by places. So he contacted me on my mobile and we have come in to contact. Mohan is very regular on this forum section. But in between for 2 or 3 days he went offline. I felt his absence and made a phone call to know what was the reason for his absence. I saved his number. There is a chance we may meet in person also.
    As explained by the author the thread section is definitely a very entertaining and make people to understand each other. It gives more attachment than other sections. But sometimes the same section is creating unnecessary arguments of course never personal but only based on the subject of the thread different views will come. None should take them as personal criticism.

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    When we are interacting regularly at ISC, we tend to have an idea about the regular members, their thought process and we build a mental image of how the other person is.

    The curiosity and desire to meet the fellow members in person would always be there. I've too had the thoughts about meeting ISCians. The practical problems would be where we are geographical, time constraints and personal preferences.

    Generally, interactive but virtual sites do not encourage meetings in person. On the screen, we are what we want to be seen as. The reality may be different. In the virtual page, we hide/express our feelings, anger, joy etc. Similarly, when we try and meet up, suddenly come face to face with people, there's a potential to feel let down or things beginning to sour.

    If at all any members want to meet, it would/ should be with mutual consent without any binding/ responsibility on ISC.

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    There was a Bollywood movie named 'Bandhan Kuchchey Dhaagon Ka' starring Shashi Kapoor, Zeenat Aman and Raakhee.

    In Hindi language, 'Dhaga' means 'thread'. Out threads in the forum section tie us in an unique relationship.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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