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    How to do self assesment?

    Whenever we appear in an exam or contest or competition we try to perform in the best possible manner as per our capabilities.

    After getting the results we start comparing with others and most of the time feel that injustice is done to us. This is an inherent human tendency to feel victimised.

    Let us not feel in this way. There is no point in conjecturing. Let us believe in the reality.

    One way to achieve that is self-assessment. Many times the performance of others is also available for scrutiny and one should detach from himself and be in the examiner's or judge's shoe and try to honestly find out whether what he was awarded was worth or not.

    Believe me, you will find that your grade or result was appropriate and in tandem with your performance.

    What is the opinion of members on this?
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    The tendency of human being is like that always. For his own failures he will try to make somebody else responsible. He thinks he is ok but the other party is not ok. But always thinking that I am Ok, you are ok and all are ok is the best policy.
    It is always better to have introspection and analyse himself for his bests and worsts is a best thing to do. Once you do that you will get a chance to improve yourself. Instead of that if somebody thinks that he is very good and the problem lies with others only , it will be the beginning of his own downfall. But coming to examination and marks if we are confident that what we got is not in tune with performance, definitely we can opt for revaluation. My sister's son failed in SSC. He fared very well and there was no chance to fail. All subjects he got above 90%. But in Hindi he got 8%. Then we applied for revaluation. They shown us the paper also. He got 80% in Hindi. But the teacher who valued it written as 08 instead of writing 80. Once this was rectified he stood first in the Mandal that year.

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    If done honestly within ourselves, self assessment is a great tool that can build self confidence and also open our eyes to our real skills and shortcomings. If we fail to complete a project in time, we can make many excuses but deep within ourselves, we will know the real reasons for our failure ( our lack of enthusiasm, dislike or lack of knowledge etc).

    If one looks at the assessment of doctors in training in England, in the NHS, there are self assessment forms that carry weightage in deciding the overall performance of the student or the trainee. I hope, similar programs exist in various sectors in India because this would mean that the assessor are respecting the judgement of the assesse themselves and hopefully they would be truthful in allocating a score or writing down facts about their own positives and negatives.

    We can do it under the various headings that reflect our work commitment, our ability to work within a team, ability to help out, ability to support colleagues, ability to maintain honesty and ethical practices and keeping the large interests of the firm or company. The biggest problem is would it be a true reflection of the personal in question. For instance, if we apply the self assessment scores to the officials involved in the PNB scam, they would fail miserably, if they had been truthful while filling the forms.

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    Time and again I was also suggesting many a time , self probing and self assessment is the best way to get rid of slow performance and improve the present performance. When we compare our marks with others, it is wrong practice as every one has the profess and credibility in one subject or the other. But when we make the assessment of our own some times we ourselves get astonished with surging performance and gets solace over some improvement. One of the student in my daughter's class used to fight for one or two marks which gets less than my child and thus she wants to compete and beg for marks from the teacher to re correct and strives to be ahead.
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    "Self Assessment" is good on overall basis & not for any individual quality. In support of the above & if I would to clarify then each one of us are consisting of a set of talents which in individual aspects will differ & this always remains the case.

    So what needs to be done?

    In the first place, stop comparing with others because if we judge ourselves then this will result in negativity because in someway we are weaker. In different scenario this may also result in gathering positivity & growth but usually the human mind doesn't behave so. Remember that we are discussing about the self assessment & not judging others.

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    Consider the number of students who appear in some of the toughest competitive entrance examinations like JEE and NEET etc. It looks funny to see that only for few thousands of seats, several lakhs of students participate in such examinations.

    This tendency of the students is a typical examination of lack of self-assessment on their part. They appear in the examinations just for heck of it fully knowing that only a freak twist of fate may lead them to any nearer to the cut off marks. Their parents also take a chance by shelling out their hard earned money for paying pay of coaching classes, application fee and such other related expenditure. Many go to temples on the eve of the examination to pray to the God to intervene.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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