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    A new pizza delivery boy started working

    Rita was lonely. After marriage, she had left her job and relocated to the new township. The township provided excellent facilities, good markets, modern flats, green, well-maintained park in every block, good transport facilities, everything. But, the township lacked interaction among people. Rita was born and brought up in the old part of an old city, where the interaction among neighbours was excellent. So, quite naturally she felt lonely after her husband, Rajesh, left for office. On that day, Rita decided to get a suitable employment for herself as early as possible.

    Incidentally, on that day, Rajesh became very late in office. Rita's boredom turned into anger. When Rajesh returned, he tried to pacify Rita. He asked Rita to go out for a dinner, but Rita flatly refused. Then Rajesh decided to surprise Rita.

    A brand new restaurant had opened in the township. The restaurant was the talk of the township. It used many new concepts. When Rita refused to go out for a dinner, Rajesh ordered pizza, which was Rita's favourite, from that restaurant. He asked to deliver the pizza at their residence with some special instructions.

    Half an hour later. The calling bell rang. Rajesh was taking a bath. Rita opened the door. She was astonished. She could not believe what she saw. A special green bicycle was parked outside their entrance, with a metallic pizza box kept at the rear seat of the bicycle. And, in front of their door, a robot, resembling a motorcyclist with a helmet, was standing with a large box of pizza. He handed over the pizza to Rita, and astonishing her even more, humbly asked for the due amount in a typical mechanical voice.

    A new pizza delivery boy started working in the new township.

    [Competition entry: Photo Story Contest]
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    very good thought by the author. very good story on a green bicycle.

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    Good imagination. The wife got to surprises. One is unexpectedly a faviourite dish from a new hotel for dinner. Second one is to see a robot delivering the pizza to her. The green bicycle is driven by the robot is a sensation for her.So she might have forgotten the anger and thanked her husband for the surprise.
    always confident

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    A small tiff between husband and wife turned to be a nice relation to reckon with a pizza surprise on a green bicycle has really changed the mood of the angry wife. Nice story..
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Good story. The idea of a robot delivering Pizza is very interesting.

    The author has conceived the idea from the toy photo very effectively and has woven the plot of story based on subtle family relations.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A nice story, half way through, I thought Rajesh had arranged for a pizza delivery job for Rita. Good idea liking a new place, a new couple, a new innovation, a robot as a pizza delivery man.

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