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    Nothing is impossible in our life, everything is possible.

    Nothing is impossible in our life, everything is possible. do not think that I do not do this work, you always do this work. for example, now you want to learn full the Quran and the Geeta. let there are 600 pages. now we learn 1 page daily so we learn that book in 2 years. and many people in the world do this work, you will band the iron rod from your neck. so nothing is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE is always said that " I M POSSIBLE". so don't think it is impossible, I do not do this work. you will do that work. because everything is possible
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    Aliagar, Please read the thread before posting. The first letter of every sentence must be capital. Use Grammarly the best software to remove grammatical mistake of your thread.
    It is really true that nothing is impossible. Everything is possible in the life. Give your 100% you will get the result. If you are not succeeded it means you are not giving 100%.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    The capitalization rule no. one is that - 'capitalize the first word of a document and the first word after a period. As pointed out by the fellow author in response #628451, the author of the thread may take it as a challenge, if following the capitalization rule no. 1 is possible or not for him. Try to do even in the present thread by editing.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    If we have firm intentions and plan the things with good action plan, there is nothing which can stop us from achieving the targets and aim. In Urdu we call it Niyath. When our intuitions are not fair, then the happenings would be against our wishes. Like wise when we plan the things in wrong way, the results are going to be negative and even leads to loss. So when we attempt a task, we must take it to the heart and perform the duties with full dedication and the results would be encouraging and fruitful. And by the way the world impossible must be removed from our dictionary to progress positively.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    If there is a will there is a way. It is the mindset that decides the outcome. If you start any work with a firm belief that you will complete the work successfully, you will complete the work positively. But if you start the work thinking the other way you may not be successful. If you start with a positive note you will always strive hard to find out a solution for every obstacle you are facing on the way. Thst makes you more enthusiastic and you will close the work with a successful mark. But if you have a negative thinking any small hindrance you are coming across will appear as a big hill and you feel very confused. So never think the problem is too big. Any big problem when you analyse will be based on a small issue only. Once you correct that small issue your journey to the top will be very easy.
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    It is a good motivational statement but if everything was possible, they would happiness everywhere, people in sorrow or depression would be very few,, everyone would get the 1st rank in the school. There would be millionaires in each home. Man would not to God as he is doing now.
    There are and would be at least a handful of things that would not be possible by man because we are nothing but a mere mortal in this wide world.
    This should not discourage us from carrying out our tasks with diligence and hope that we will complete it. If we are obsessed with the thought that nothing is impossible, we would be unable to handle failure and setbacks easily.
    We should also teach our children to put in their hard work and efforts to taste success instead of blindly saying that nothing is impossible.

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    This depends on how do we see the world?

    The optimist person will continue to move till the goal is achieved while on the contrary the pessimist will stop or will get slowed down. While in due course we are faced by the problems or a blockage or a narrow passage but on the other side we also got stories which makes us motivated & inspired. The word "IMPOSSIBLE" has always been consisting of "I M POSSIBLE", but I only came to know when someone discovered that. It's really amazing to the fact.

    Likewise the daily scenarios also having two different aspects & the type of person facing those scenarios take it the way that he feels appropriate. .

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