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    Danger of having rage as well anger.

    Anger and rage in humans though common they should be totally avoided. A small percentage in human too push him or her into huge sorrow. Anger may get cooled in some after a while but rage will get developed in one as cancer which cannot get ruined but ruin him or her totally. To make understand the effect only people around us ruined by having anger and rage.
    A king of Avanti, named Sulaban who was a great scholar but with ahankaar and having faith as,'This human birth is to enjoy only, there is no Paap and Punya' With this mentality he disrespects others. The queen Sulabhai was also highly educated and pius who repeatedly advise the king to give up his rage,anger and evil thoughts but the king set aside them. One day a saint named Madhusuthanan came to his courtyard. The king mocked on the dress of the saint and commented the saint advised the king not have such thought as a king. Raged king scolded the saint and raised his sword. The saint cursed the king to become an ox as his mentality is of that. The have the form of ox. Seeing this queen,as she is a pathivrutha, cursed the saint to become an ass by saying,'being a sincere saint you are unable to control yourself'.
    So, rage and anger slowly kill us by developing blood pressure etc.,,
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    A good story by the author. A saint is a person who will have a lot of patience and forgiveness. Like an ordinary person if the saint also gets anger and rage he is no more a saint. The queen more powerful than the saint has she has patience and believed in God, She is able to curse the saint with the power she got by being a Pativratha. So once we can leave over anger, jealousy, greed and rage we will become a great human being. But going to that stage is a very difficult act and requires a lot of self realisation.
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    Anger is more common than rage. It is difficult not to get angry when things don't go our way or when people don't give us what is due to us.

    Rage is another extreme emotion wherein momentary loss of self-control leads to broken relationships and can even harm the other person. We hear about so many cases of road rage, pub fights etc wherein rage makes the person lose his self-control.

    It takes a few years of maturity and experience in life to learn the trick to control anger and rage. Meditation and psychological counselling help in anger management and rage control.

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    It is said that 'Anger is the punishment we give to ourselves for somebody else's mistake'.

    Many of us get enraged due to mistake committed by someone and start shouting and doing other things. But the million dollar question is as to whether our such behaviour changes the other person? The question's clear answer is not. Instead it do affects us adversely

    Rage is nothing but the violent and uncontrollable form of anger. Anger is a positive and useful emotion, only if it is expressed appropriately, otherwise it has long term physical effects like increased anxiety, high blood pressure and headache.

    Regular exercise, relaxation techniques and counselling are some of the strategies to be adopted for anger management.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Nice story appended by the author referring to the black lash for those who continues to be in rage and anger mood. Rage and anger management is very important in human being and especially in the rulers and kings. A person holding high office cannot be so angered with the opposition parties spilling bean on his performance. If the ruler has the guts, he must prove with the performance done but should not stoop to the level of loose talking. In Tamil there is a great saying that "Aathira Karanukku Buddhi Mattu" that means those who have the anger, they seldom behave with sense.
    K Mohan
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