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    Is it helping others or a mere show of wealth?

    In society, there are different types of people. Some help others silently while some do it with a lot of advertisement. They want to show off their charity.

    Some rich people have this trait. They will do some charitable work only in presence of public and person from media who will take their photograph and publish in their newspaper. These people will not do anything without making a loud noise about it.

    Do you believe that we should help others silently and not with show off?
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    Yes their are many people around us, who help others and tell it as a proud thing to others and publish themselves as they are doing charity to others. And their are some people who does charity silently and don't like to tell it to others.

    I believe that, when we do some charity we should forget it there itself and should not discuss about it again. The charity we do now will help us in any way in future. What we give to others, we will get that only. If we do good to others, we will have good future.


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    How does it matter? They are all helping others either silently or with the advertisement. By advertising their help to the others, they are not doing any harm to anyone. Some people have the tendency to be recognized in the society.
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    It's very good to help others. Some people do charity without telling anyone, some do with the existence of media but not for show off, some invite media to show off. It depends on person state of mind. We can't define it.

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    My elders used to often say to me that when you help others even your left hand should not know. That means utmost secrecy should be maintained and even the beneficiary may not know. But the other day I had been to the temple near my house and seen fresh painting has been done and new fans has been fixed. And though donors name has been prominently painted in the notice board, the person who has donated the fans has made a point to affix his name as donor in every part of the fan and also on the regulator. That forced me to ask the manager there as to why the temple allows such publicity of the donor. For that the manger too laughed and said that for the first time donor, such mentions would bring them immense satisfaction and they have also shared the images of fans that fixed in the social media. Such is the craze of people who wants publicity in every thing and even in charity they wants to be far ahead of others.
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    Truly rich people don't show off. They help others silently. It is only the middle class people who suddenly become rich due to a twist of luck, tend to show off excessively.

    On analysing this phenomenon objectively, we can appreciate the fact that there is no need for rich persons to show off as they are actually rich even without showing off and they have no requirement of showing off to others for the purpose of proving that they are rich.

    However in certain regions and communities, there is a tendency to show off e.g. people in Mumbai are less prone to show off compared to Delhi. I remember having read that the people in Delhi after buying an expensive car, drive the same with full music on to attract the attention of the passers by.

    Having said so, it can be summarised by saying that the people showing off their charity work are actually paupers intellectually and perhaps financially also they are not well off that much.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Nothing in the world comes free, even help. Help comes from family members, relatives or friends by means of love or obligation or as a means of investment for repayment later. This is the truth.

    Having said that, there are few people who help others as much as possible without any fanfare or publicity. Some kind-hearted people at some point have to publicise their work to attract more funds and to more people to do the same. I would agree with this.

    The next lot are the people who help others only to be noticed and come in papers. These would rich individuals who thrive on attention, crave for publicity. It would also include lower-level political aspirants and leaders who make a big show off about helping poor people when the fact would be that the pictures and paper news would be used to substantiate their stake for a party ticket or even funds for the same. This group is the one that embarrasses the kind gesture of 'the haves helping the have-nots'.

    But, if you look at the recipient of the help or favour, it doesn't matter to him or her as long as they get the much-needed help in form of clothes, food, money or household items.

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    For a person who is in need, the help is required. He looks for a help from somebody. There are people who help and don't want to tell anybody about their help. Some people want to get as much advertisement as possible so that it will be useful to them. But ultimately for the person who got the help, it is immaterial. He is happy that he has come out of his problems.
    In my native place, there was a very rich man. He was in Ayurvedic medicines manufacturing and selling. He helps many people who are in need by providing jobs in his company. Similarly, he donates a lot of money for the village development. But we will never see his name anywhere nor he wants that to be mentioned anywhere. It depends on the individual.

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