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    Do you think SP and BSP combination will do damage to BJP in UP State?

    After seeing their defeat in last Assembly elections recently SP and BSP parties are trying to collaborate each other by forming aligns to fight against the coming By polls in UP against the formidable BJP. In course of time the Congress also comes into this fold to fight against BJP. Actually in 2014 elections BJP got 31% of votes and won 52% of seats. So if more parties they unite and fight there is every possibility that opposition hands become upper. Divide the opposition parties will help the win of BJP while Unite and fight policy will be fruitful for opposition parties. Do you agree?
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    1. First and foremost, I would like to remind that the Managing Editor has already requested the author not to give such lengthy title to his thread.

    2. SP and BSP denote Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party, respectively. So, there is no need to suffix Party after SP or BSP.

    3. Now let me come to the subject of the thread. I am of the opinion that the hooligans and criminals available in both the parties won't allow proper unity or alliance between these two parties. Moreover, we must not forget that Mulayam (+Akhilesh) and Mayawati are sworn enemies. Even if there is some hotch-potch alliance between these two parties, the internal squabbles within these parties would make such alliance a laughing stock.

    4. Are the BJP-haters in a position to underestimate the formidable election machinery of BJP+RSS and strategic ability of Amit Shah & Ram Madhav coupled with the popularity of Narendra Modi? Even after Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya?

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    After reading this post, I split into laughter as to why the parties in UP are so desperate to rule when they have be wholesomely rejected by the esteemed voters on corruption plank. We know Mayawathi was rejected due to her over spending of public money on her own statues which was the sheer waste and voters came to know she is unfit to be in the chair of CM. Like wise during Akhilesh regime there was heavy in fight between father and son and the administration was on the peril . There was wide spread of anti social elements in every nook and corner of the state and the people were fed up. So voters wont forget the things that were gone through in the past and it was proven beyond doubt that these two parties can only promise and cannot deliver. Moreover the voters know that if the same party is in power at Delhi and UP, the development would be immense. So new teaming of opportunists wont work out.
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    Today many people in opposition fold are openly advocating such power-hungry, hotch-potch alliance devoid of any ideology or common programme. But such hotch-potch alliance will always be rejected by people.

    So far as UP is oncerned, the present Government has attacked the dishonest ways of the dishonest politicians in the state. As a result. Mayawati and Akhilesh, two sworn enemies, are forced to think to come closer.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The two parliament seats, Gorakhpur and Phulpur, were held by the present Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister. They will be having good clout in those two places. The Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samajwadi Party which are going to have an understanding for the elections to these two seats will be formidable opponents. In another ten days, the result will be known. Let us wait and see.The political parties always try to win the elections they contest and come to power. There is nothing unusual and laughable there. The people have the power to seat and unseat any political party in the elections according to their choice.
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    In my opinion, it is not possible that SP and BSP collaborate at these two parties are the main rival of each other in UP for a long time. The opinions of both parties are totally different. In the present scenario, I do not find any party which can harm BJP.
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    The alliance between the two parties will not be a big threat to the ruling party BJP. The reason, voters have ruled them out in 2014 general election and 2017 assembly elections. People now do not want to live backward life with very little development in the state. The only party with development in mind is BJP. SP and BSP need to have a clear and different strategy to combat with BJP. People are now getting educated and will not trust the SP and BSP the way they did.
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    These days the alliance politics are again cropping up. In Telangana, KCR talks about the third front. We have seen this third front politics when NTR tried to bring them on one platform against Congress and BJP. So what is going to happen is very uncertain. The dust is not settled. As mentioned in#628490 the effect of SP and BSP friendship will be known by the time the results of the two-seats will be out. But to have a stable government which can concentrate on the work individual party coming into power is always better.The people who want to get power somehow may not be lost long together. That will lead to unnecessary expenditure for elections again and again. So I think people will keep this also in mind before going for voting to an alliance group. However, after seeing the results of NE states I feel BJP is ready to win next time also in the centre. But we can't rule out any possibility till the clarity comes.
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    What the media report suggests that it is the temporary give and take support extended by BSP to SP party as one would help to win the by- election seats and other party would help to get RS Seats for BSP.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    For few, the predictions wouldn't ever be possible. The same is the case here. I don't know about what's going on in their internal meetings & also not interested in the news in context of their actions. The useless actions must be thrown out immediately.

    They are so disasters in the Indian Politics that the time has come to eradicate those completely. I disagreed with them the most when they call themselves the seculars. The administration or the political parties who makes policies in the name of Religion & Caste but they remain seculars. What a matter of shame that they still getting support from the main stream population? I never heard of anytime since my birth & even the time before that the rough & criminals are no more interested to move in open & now feel secured behind bars. Absolutely never happened before. I appreciate the current administration under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath.

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    Mr.Venkiteswaran sir mentioned sometime back that, an enemy of an enemy become friends of circumstances. Similary this alliance of SP + BSP would be two old foes coming together for a common cause that is to upset the BJP.
    Anything would be possible in politics but if look at law and order issue, corruption etc the present Government is scoring well. So, if the people of UP truly want good governance then such alliances would not gain serious foothold.
    Yes, they would be able to snatch a few seats but turning the tide against BJP would need a great strategy and consistent mutual trust which would be lacking. First, both have to build up an image that they are electable and then present an united front that people will have confidence in. This would take time and can be considered if BJP goofs up badly in UP, as of now this seems a far flung idea.

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