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    Is it benevolence or slavery ?

    Nowadays of late many people in our country are in a position to contact people living other countries. We by killing our sleeping time contacting them or working for them. Even in emergency situation also we are waiting for their daytime to intimate by considering their sleeping time. But they do not care our night time but calling and discussing and chanting. Our this mind is because of what slavery or benevolence ?
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    Generally people act as mentioned by the author for business purposes i.e. for certain gains or in other words for earning money. Such people don't care if the others label them as slaves or any other expletives. Even within our country many people burn midnight oil while working in the night shift in a call center or in factories working round the clock. There are many other jobs e.g. jobs of medical professionals or even a train ticket examiner who work during night time while on duty.

    Thus the people working across globe have a different perspective and don't view the things from a conventional local point of view.

    As far as our own kith and kin are concerned, they are beyond any restriction.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is not a slavery or benevolence, but bonding coupled with love and affection. Yes many of our relatives and friends are abroad in different countries and their timings are also difference. But those who has the young children accompanied by the parents and working there, the grand parents right in India would be eager to see their faces on the computer or the cell phones while chatting and thus wont mind forgoing sleeping timing and also waking up at the odd hours. Especially those who are in America it is invariably reverse timing when compared to India. That means when we have the night , they have the morning and vice versa. And those who have parted from the mother land wont see the disturbance factor but would be longing to see the faces of relatives and near and dears at least from far off places.
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    I say it is a necessity. In India, there are many people who want to get employed. The foreign companies are providing jobs in India by opening their offices here. That way they feel that they are helping us. It is true to some extent. Only because of these companies opening up in our country our standard of living is increased. So what we are doing that is working in the midnight and not disturbing them during their not so on and so forth as a necessity.
    Another reason is many of our beloved family members are getting settled there and we all have a soft corner for them because they are away from their native places. So we never disturb them and we will try to talk to them their early morning or early evening so that their sleep will not get distributed either ours.

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    As far as there is time difference ,this will happen. Usually people communicate at the pre-decided mutually suitable time. However when the time is exact opposite as day and night, some compromise has to be made by one or other aide involved.

    In commercial matters real time communication and action are important and significant. So whoever needs it in priority has to forget ego or discomfort and take efforts irrespective of time or day or season.

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    It's neither benevolence or slavery, it's just the way things are with people who have a mutual need to talk but are thousands of miles apart in different time zones.

    Many professions have night shifts, odd working hours like newspaper offices, casualty departments, police stations etc. It is the need of the hour.

    As far as overseas clients at Indian call centres or business deals go, if we have to make a living or have a gain, then we need to be willing to face the hardships, it's better to be talking at odd hours rather than being jobless.

    As far as our loved ones, son, daughter, brother etc who have settled abroad, we would always be hesitant to call because of the fear of causing an inconvenience or troubling them. Instead, we would be more obliged to take their call whenever it comes from them.

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    It's up to us to decide.

    We are working for our own benefits while keeping the professional life awake. The hidden truth is that we are looking for our financial aspects so that our future & also at the retirement time remains safe. If you don't want then go to spiritual life & enjoy your life or else will continue to suffer those. We can't help ourselves as this has become the part of our life as the metros there never the night.

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