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    Why do disscussions on Politics become very personal?

    When we discuss politics during spare time or while at a social gathering or while travelling, we become very animated and very much involved.

    Similarly, in the ISC forum, we have many political threads. By the time the thread get few replies or is a few days old, it gets sidetracked or goes off into a very personal discussion.

    We (most of us) will have to be related to any of the political members and the parties we discuss, but in a matter of few minutes, the political discussions become very personal. It will be personal at the level of the participants or very personal about the politician we are discussing.

    Is it just human nature or the inherent bias that momentarily clouds our rational thinking, making us take the discussion to the next level. The same people would not get so personal on any other discussion(apart from religion).
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    It is a very timely reminder to all Members who take part in the political discussion. We must behave with maturity and stop taking it at the personal level.
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    By virtue of their ideology and popularity and the face value of the the tall leader of any particular party, people are attracted towards them and have even have the feeling of personal bonding. Many of the senior citizens even today are with Congress party though that party has been rejected in every elections for their corruption in the past. But for senior citizens Congress was the only party which paved them the way to have the pensions and other benefits and so on. Likewise even today in Telangana, the poor would be missing the regime of YSR as they felt he was a God who helped through Arogyasree health benefits. Now for the poor in Rural India BJP and PM Modi is the demi God as he could make a decent living by giving LPG gas connections for free and many other sops in this four years. So when we benefit we get closer to the party in power or not.
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    Political discussions often tend to stray and become personal discussions.
    A phrase had been popularized by Carol Hanisch in the 1960s and 70s, "The Personal is political." Though it was used in a different context, of that of feminism, and this forum talks about a different thing in a different context, the multiple interpretations, which this phrase has, give a useful insight into this habit of many people of turning political discussions into personal ones. Since politics affect every little thing in our lives, sometimes directly and most of the times in an indirect manner, our personal lives themselves become a useful insight into our social and political structures. And hence, we men and women are tempted to exemplify our viewpoints on certain political issues with our personal experiences.
    However, sometimes such behavior do become a propaganda aiming at influencing others' opinions rather than simply putting forth one's own, which is not right.

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    Every member will be having some sort of liking or disliking towards a particular political party. It may be due to the ideology of the party or due to the prominence of the leader or leaders of the parties. No one will be impartial and this reflects in their writings. In general, most of the people who support or oppose a political party are not actively connected with any political party. Their feelings towards a particular party end with discussions only and nothing more. The discussions tend to go off the track and become personal at times. This does not mean any enmity between the members. There is no need to delve too much into this.
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    Yes, I have also found that some members not only in ISC but in person level and other social site take it personally whenever political discussion going on. I do not find any reasons for that. But as Mr. Partha said we should have maturity while talking or discussing politics and should not take it at personal.
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    Yes, it happens. Often people take it too personally and even lose their good sense to enter into squabbles.

    However, I see a different reason behind such behaviour of people. Perhaps they have nothing much to do with the ideologies of the political parties for which they appear to fight outwardly. Instead, they start fighting because they find their own arguments weakening in comparison to the other person's logical reasoning behind his/her averments.

    They find themselves failing and therefore take it personally.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I agree with Partha at #628478. We should approach such threads and opinions with maturity. Being inclined to a political thought/ ideology is acceptable, but being blind to facts on the ground can prove to be dangerous.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Whether it is a political discussion or it is related to any other subject, the discussion should be based on the facts and figures. As an individual, we may have our own affiliations. But when we discuss a particular point we should see the essence of the subject and bring out the facts even though it may be against your affiliations. Then only the discussion will go in the correct direction. Otherwise, the biased discussion will lead to personal discussions and go off the track which is not a good symptom. There is no one who is 100% perfect and there is no rule that one party will be only the best always and in all aspects. If this fact is kept in mind our discussions may go in a correct direction with a good outcome.
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    The content placed by me in the earlier post stands good to the topic and the editors have removed the points. And why the content has been kept by giving me zero points, That means my view matters.
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