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    When Eliphinstone FOB can be constructed by Bombay Sappers in 3 months. shun contractors !

    We all know that last year there was a stampede in Mumbai's Elphinistone foot over bridge in which many people were killed and that made the Railways to construct new FOB in short time. So they took the help of Bombay Sappers and within 3 months the Army wing has constructed the bridge and handed over to the Railways. This proves that our Military is not only secure in safeguarding us but also has the expertise better than so called contractors. Had this been handed over to some contractors , the work would have slow and might have even be stalled for want of payment ?
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    The Bombay Engineer Group, is a regiment of the Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army which is informally known as the Bombay Sappers.

    The new Elphinstone bridge is built by the Bombay Sappers at a cost of Rs 10.44 crore approximately. The bridge is 73.1 meters long and 3.65 meters wide and can carry eight tonnes of weight. The FOB links Elphinstone Road and Parel stations. Around 400 local trains halt at Elphinstone Road station and 300 at Parel station daily. The daily footfall on this FOB is 3.0 to 3.5 lakh.

    The Government needed the bridge constructed in a short span of time. Under such circumstances, the Railway Minister Piyush Goyal had asked the army to build the new FOB.

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    The Bombay Sappers group has also made its mark in peacetime activities such as sport, adventure, disaster relief, aid to civil authority and prestigious construction projects in addition to its core job of defence activities. They got many awards and recognition for their activities. The talent and the stuff they have may be of very high calibre and the rate offered to them by the railways may be high and Indian railways decided to pay that much based on the urgency of the requirement. The completion of a project depends on various issues like fun allocation, manpower required and infrastructure etc. We can't expect the same standard from all the parties.
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    What I am suggesting that such important tasks in future be given to Military Engineers and not the private contractor who delay the project and charge high.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I disagree with the view or suggestion or even wish.

    Armed forces are for their special role for defending our country. Rarely and at exceptional situations they may be used for emergencies, but that too only for a short time. This is because they are trained and equipped and oriented for the special role of defence and combat offence on enemies of the country. So they should be used for other purposes only when emergency situation warrants and/ or there is no other effective alternative.

    Civilian matters and works should be handled by civilians only. If they are not doing their jobs or duties, then they should be properly dealt with.

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    My suggestion has the meaning. Cost escalation, timely completion and quality can be maintained by Army Engineers and their expertise must be used now and then,
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Given the nature of the disaster, loss of lives and the political implications, the FOB was entrusted to the Army Engineers. Using the Army for civilian work is not a correct idea. Instead, the Government should insist on selecting private players and give them the same targets. We can now and then ask Army for help.

    Relying on the Army at times of calamity or disaster is fine but for peacetime work, we need to be careful in calling on the Army. It would be a matter of embarrassment for the civilian experts.

    There would be many retired Army and civil engineers with the brains to complete such difficult tasks, the Government should not hesitate to appoint them as special advisors. Such people would take it as a matter of pride and a sense of honour to do something for the country.

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