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    Do your smartphone gives you company at the dining table too?

    Many people keep their smartphones always with them, even at the dining table - be they are taking breakfast, lunch or dinner. Not only that, many of them keep on fiddling with the phone often without any reason or rhyme.

    What may be reasons behind such habit? Are they so busy that they cannot spare sufficient time even for taking meals? Sometimes, there may be occasions when a very important call is anticipated and under such circumstances taking the phones even in the washroom may be justified. But what about the habit of keeping the phone always in lap like a newborn baby?

    What are your observations regarding the subject matter?
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    Yes, I am also habitual of this habit. I always try to make my smartphone near me. I also try to keep my phone near me always. Even when I sleep my smartphone is always near to me. I have also a habit to check messages after every 10 minutes.
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    As an old-fashioned middle-aged man, I sincerely feel that the mobile phone is an evil which has intruded in our life. I always keep the phone as farthest as possible. Only when I am abnormally late and in an unknown place, I feel the need of the mobile phone.

    So, there is no question for me to keep my mobile phone near to me at the time of taking food.

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    I never take my cell phone with me for my dinner. I take my lunch in the office. Here the phone will be with me but I will never open this during my eating. Same is the case with breakfast also. In my house, all my family members will eat together in the night and during that time we don't have our phones with us.
    These days cell phones are becoming an integral part of the body of the human beings. No one can move without having that in their hand also. During eating also they will be just opening and seeing the cell phone and we should not encourage that. No heaven is going to fall down if we are not viewing the messages for 20 to 30 minutes. The parents should see that their children will not get habituated to cell phone 24X7 which is not good for concentrating on the task.

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    Yes I have seen many people even taking their smart phones into the wash room and at the dining places. Such are addicts we have that they wont have time to talk to us, but fiddle with the cell all the time. At least during the lunch and dinner 10 minute rest be given to the smart phones. But here also the menu which is prepared and being eaten are shared and thus the discussion and chat becomes more serious and the interest to have food goes to six. I am totally against those who use the phone while eating and I shall abstain from those who have this habit and let them ponder over my absence later.
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    Is it just a generation gap or mindset. We don't like the concept of smartphones during eating, during a gathering at home etc. Whereas the younger generation or the teenagers act as it the mobile is an extension of their own self and keep scanning or checking it for messages or missed calls.

    Some of us have grown up with the concept that speaking is not good while we are eating. For much of us, mobile phones would certainly be an uninvited distraction that we can do without it.

    We can have our cell phones but there is no need to check it every few minutes. If it is that important, people would know where we are and can always contact us.

    At our homes, our parents used to scold us when we watch tv while having dinner, this sounds far better than each one in his or her own world checking their mobiles without focussing on the event at hand.

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