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    Significance of being silent !

    Among many of us , some are extrovert and throw many information while they are allowed to talk much. Some of us are introvert and wont talk unless and until demanded by others. Many are very silent watchers and they do read the minds of other talkers. Thus they are more significant than others. By not expressing their views, they come to know the actual mind of others and thus they reserve their say if asked for. What is your view ? Can silence pay in the long run or should we open up and then and there itself to express our views ?
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    Being silent won't pay in long run. One must open up to express views and feelings. I myself earlier was introvert. But now I feel I have improved much. One should try to express views in front of people, starting from our closed ones.

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    One should be properly reserved , silent or vocal as per situation.
    Though it is difficult to change one's core character and behaviour, one should train to adapt and act or react as per situational needs.

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    Being silent is a good human character. But if you are participating in a forum or any other discussion you must have to put your views. If you are in a meeting or you are given a platform then do not be silent keep your views to other and be active in the debate.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    God has given us two ears but only one mouth. From this what we understand is hear more than speaking more. Generally, we all will hear to answer. But it is always better to hear to understand. Before making a comment or speaking on a subject one should understand the subject completely. Then only we can defend our talk. Otherwise, we may fail to explain the statements with half knowledge. But at the same time always being silent without expressing our views is also not a correct strategy. But the value of a speaker will enhance only when he is able to show his excellence in the subject. Hearing properly and expressing our views firmly but with modesty will give good mileage in the long run. So try to inculcate the habit of hearing properly, understanding the subject and then express your views firmly. That will bring you appreciations.
    always confident

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    How we interact depends on the circumstances, the relevance of the information and the subject of discussion.

    If we have a large sum of money, we would obviously be silent and not broadcast to everyone. If we were to have some important information that would benefit all, we should be willing to share it with others.

    Being a silent spectators helps in very few situations in life. We need to be a keen listener with the maturity to know when to talk and when not to talk. A responsible conservation is better than silence and far better than being a blabbermouth. There are some scenarios wherein whatever we say would be misunderstood or would be inappropriate, in such circumstances, it would be wiser to be quite and reserve explanations for another day.

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    We are perhaps confusing ourselves by treating 'being silent' , 'not expressing ourselves' or 'listening to others ' etc. as synonyms. Being silent is expected and required on many occasions e.g. while waiting for our turn to speak in a meeting or while listening to others. It doesn't means that the person who is silent at present will never speak. He/she may speak at appropriate time.

    We often remain silent while offering prayers to the God though in other forms of worship even loud music is used e.g. during 'kirtan' or 'Sankirtan'.

    Listening to others is considered one of the most sincere form of paying respect to elders or seniors.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Alternatively this needs to be different on various occasions & this should be the appropriate one or balanced mode. In a court while defying a victim if we remain silent & observing throughout session will certainly wouldn't give you the good image & at the same time not able to defend in an appropriate way. In a different scenario & assuming that we are faced by a rough & we started an argument then might be the possibility that later on we feel inappropriate for behaving so.

    In a nut shell, speak up when required & when it is appropriate & fits you which can't be predetermined.

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    Being silent in all situations is not a good option. We should react upon situation, we were participating in group discussions or discussing some important matters, we should open up and discuss with others And should share our views. Then only we will get fruitful answers. In my opinion being silent in all situations is not good option.

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    In any relationship or in the situation of misunderstanding, keeping silent only worsen the situation. To have healthy relationship, one need to open up and speak instead of keeping silent thinking that the problem will get resolve. The same can be applied in our daily life. Yes, some situations demand the silent but some situations not. Most of the time people get silent because they have no answer for it or they do not want to solve the problem. Such situations only create problem and nothing else.

    Silent is good but not in all conditions when you know something is wrong. If a person keeping silent even knowing the fact, it simply means that he has the sycophancy character. Who may try to show himself/herself a saint in open but inside having evil mindset. So, such kind of silent will do no good in any kind of society or relationship.

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    Being silent is good but not always. Sometimes, you will have to speak up to take your stand on something. Being silent doesn't work all the time neither speaking works all the time. What matters is the weightage in what you speak. You should have a point and clarity in your talks not jist speak for the sake of speaking.

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    There should be a balance between talking and listening and depending on the situation one should exercise it.

    In general, it is believed that listening is a better trait than talking. There is an old saying that ' Speech is silver but silence is gold'.

    Knowledge is power.

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