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    When some one shows attitude and arrogance, ask him to visit grave yard once. Many became ashes.

    When we are moving in a group some people show their attitude and arrogance in many ways, as if they know the things better and they belittle our thoughts and views. Such arrogant persons should not be left out. Ask them to visit the nearest grave yard once. Why because those who were arrogant and shown attitude earlier were reduced to ashes and better this person also mend the ways. Always give chance to others to talk and put their views, no matter you agree with them or shun their ideas ?
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    Whether you appreciate others or you belittle others it is immaterial to death. One day or other every one who has birth will die and will go to the grave yard. So I fail to understand the logic in this statement. Actually, if somebody is trying to act smart in a group we should see how to make him silent then and there itself. We should try to bring in the subject with which the person is not very much familiar and try to know him his limitations. Then a sensible man will keep silent. If he is not sensible enough he will try to talk all absurd things. In such case, we have to laugh at him and leave him. Instead of that if we show our innocence to him he will try to override us. WIth a smart person we should also act smart;y. I think this is the best approach to make the other person bringing to his senses.
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    Grave yard is the last resort for everybody whatever way one lived. All do not become ash. Many are kept inside the grave yards. And these days there are several people who are not concerned about death. knowingly they accept a path which ends in death. Arrogance and such attitudes will not die just because of taking such people to graveyard.

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    Mohan sir, I don't think, such people would be worth losing our own demeanour. There will be people who are show-offs as far as their attitude, knowledge and wealth go. By asking them to visit the graveyard, we would be wasting our time and there is a risk that we may also be perceived to be arrogant.

    Instead, we should just steer clear of such people. Time is a master arbitrator, in due course of time, they will realise their mistakes and repent or life would make them repent. The ups and downs of life need to be experienced by such people to become more mature and more balanced to allow others to speak up and respect their views too.

    When we take on such people in their own manner, it would be demeaning to us. Once we ignore them, they would feel the change and hopefully understand their short-comings.

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    What will happen if we ask arrogant persons to visit a graveyard? Will they listen and consequently change their attitude? I personally don't think so. On the contrary they are likely to retaliate more vigorously. No wonder, they may laugh it off by saying that they have seen many such graveyards and don't care at all about the same.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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