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    'I' and 'U' are there but not 'V'.

    'I' (me) and 'U' (you) may be there. But, 'V' (WE) should be the aim. Let us be a society irrespective of our differences. Accepting different opinions will help us. What do you say?

    This statement is an indirect indication of the present attitude of the majority. 'I' stands for an individual, who thinks only for his own selfish interests. He is not at all worried about others. 'U' is just another person, 'you'. This person also is another selfish guy, not worried about others. If this attitude is existing throughout, we cannot expect a peaceful and cordial living atmosphere on this earth. Hence the solution is to to bring in 'V' (we). Never think that everything is for us. There are others too living here who are also equally rightful to live here.
    Now though most of us behave and move as friends when it comes to personal matters selfishness automatically shows its face. Only external friendships are there. Exceptional cases may exist, no doubt. Major problems in the society is just because of this 'I' - 'U' attitude. If more people accept the 'V' attitude, the society will become more meaningful.
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    It is true. Presently there are I and U but no V. This will give the thought process of these days people in general.Earlier also two or three times similar topics were discussed. I should have everything and you need not have anything. I and U can't become we as you are selfish and I am selfless. This is the actual attitude of the majority of the people. They conveniently forget that if 'I' is replaced with 'we' even 'illness' will become 'wellness'. But this fact is forgotten completely and people always try to project all victories as theirs and all the failures are because of the other's attitude. One should come out of this thinking and understand the strength of the union. A strong serpent can also get killed by a group of ants. An elephant can also be tied with a strong rope made of very weak gross. If the human beings can realise the strength of being a group the world will become a place of humanity and peace
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    This is a common finding in many offices and large teams, success and credit are often claimed by somebody other than the person doing the hard work, I did this, I did that. I once listen to a speech of a politician, 'I got water to the state'. This to me was the heights of hypocrisy.

    Similarly, when there is someone to blame, often a junior or a pushover, people waste no time is saying you did this, it's all because of you, etc.

    Once we grow out of this narrow-minded mentality and start using 'V', we would outshine others as good human beings and have a better understanding of others. We is more powerful, as one we can achieve more and raise above mediocracy. Recently we had Rahul Dravid as for equal prize money for the under-19 mens team as it was 'we'/entire team, immediately his image went up, even at ISC most of us appreciated him. In contrast, look at the PNB scam, people are still pointing fingers 'I' and 'U', if the RBI/Government had come out saying that 'we did a big mistake', it would have been appropriate.

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    A team means a group of interdependent individuals working together towards a common goal. Our parliament can be said to be a typical example of a team working towards the development of our nation. However, it will be a lot of fun to analyse the behaviour of the constituents of the parliament i.e. various political parties.

    As far as selfish attitude is concerned, I think we may not find a better example than the political parties. Strange bedfellows form alliance to share the booty. During the UPA era, dozens of political parties with varied hues and colours got united to form Government to milk the taxpayers. Nowadays, there are reports that the sworn enemies, the SP and BSP are forming an united front to confront BJP in the coming by-elections in Uttar Pradesh.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What u said is the fact but I should not be compared with U. I is selfish. U has nothing. The ISC forum is full of V only. There is no I and U. We ISCians work as V.
    No life without Sun

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    Very good Mr. SuN. We the ISCians must continue as V, and remain so for ever. Thanks for this welcome attitude.

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    In the start it is only ' I'. Then comes 'U'. Together I & U make 'We". Slowly others also come into the picture. At that time even 'U' may be missing, but still there will be "I" and "We".
    If 'I' is not there the 'We' also not there. It will be 'He','She' or 'They'.

    I has to be there, but it is always better if 'I' can remain low profile or silent by just supporting and contributing.

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    When we say 'I" it denotes arrogance, and when we say I with U it is the testimony of cooperation and action and when we say V, that indicates that we are amicable to all suggestions and actions.
    K Mohan
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    No one in this mother Earth get born with "I" or "you" attitude, every attitude is learned by one's own experience. We (society) can only be better if the same society provide equality sense in every person. If the We (society) could not lead from the front or set an honest example, it is natural that "I" or "you" attitude will get born. History is behind every revolutions that revolutions happened only when the We (society) create differences in people. Where one get everything and one get nothing.

    Being silent is the great attitude but seeing wrong happening and then keeping silent can harm more to society than for it betterment. Also, "I" is not always a sign of arrogance but confidence. Each individual have his/her own place in this world, instead we force them to bow down in front of our opinion, we should allow them to have their say. If the forcing attitude from the We (society) continue, the "I" and "you" attitude will continue.

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