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    A cycle to help the poor

    Sunil was a middle-aged man with a decent job as a computer teacher in a school. He dedicated his life to serving the poor and needy and he remained unmarried. He hailed from a very poor family where his mother brought him up single-handedly. Sunil had lost his dad at a very young age and his mother did some household chores going to few houses in the neighbourhood. Despite being poor, Sunil's mom wanted to give him the best education that she could and struggled for the same. Even he worked as a newspaper delivery boy and delivered newspaper every day before going to school. Sunil knew what difficulties are and how it feels when a person is hungry so he decided to feed the poor and needy as much as he can and dedicated a part of his salary for the same. Sunil had a bicycle which his mom had gifted to him. His mom struggled hard and saved some money to give him a cycle on his 10th birthday which he was longing for from a very long time. Sunil loved his cycle a lot and used it for all the good things. That cycle came as a good fortune for him and his mom. In the evening he would go on a cycle and sell flowers and their financial status became better than before. Sunil wanted to make the best use of this cycle even now in helping the poor. So he would ride the cycle every day to a slum which the was 3km away from his house, to feed the poor. He would carry food in a big box, place it on the cycle and ride it. Every day he would feed around 30-40 poor people. He had full support from his mom and she would cook before Sunil returned home from school, pack it and keep them ready. Sunil was known for his kindness and helping nature. He wanted to feed the poor and used his cycle to distribute the food. That way, Sunil's cycle came to a very big use in serving people.
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    The central theme of the story appears to be feeding of 30 to 40 poor people by a middle aged man who although hailed from a poor family but by selling flowers on his bicycle in the evening gifted by his mother on his tenth birthday, his financial status became better. Thus we see that the bicycle played a pivotal role in the life of the middle aged man, the main character of the story written by the author.
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    The author has brought in a wonderful thought provoking thread on the photo contest in which the boy mitigates the hunger in at least 40 poor people by supplying the food on the cycle and that was a great cause to mankind . Some times we use the cycles for exercise only or for short distance requirements. But here the boy has used the cycle for a noble cause of feeding the poor. Just imagine the amount of joy the boy would get when the elders eat chose food and bless him from the heart. Some works done by us may be foolish for others, but gives immense satisfaction beyond compare.
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    Is this story belonging to the real life or created to bring motivation to others so that others can also be benefitted. Anyhow, the intentions are good.

    But few instances are not contributing to the practicability of the happenings. The mother seems to be not having a good education so working a low wage salary person. The boy is still small & need financial assistance in order to feed himself as well as for education also. So except for the intentions behind this story nothing is matching. If I take this scenario on myself then how I would be able to support others. There are expenses which this small business is not able to meet.

    But still I feel delighted that still there are many who makes this possible that they dedicate their lives for the sake of others. There are still & many unknown faces that we are not aware of as these are not of the famous celebrities on page 3.

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    A good story. The importance of helping the needy with food is brought very nicely. Only to a person who doesn't have food when he is hungry knows the value of food. Because of his childhood experience, the computer teacher realised the importance of food and started feeding some poor people which is a good practice. Helping with food to needy is the best help one can do.
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    A good story on the bicycle with a message, even though not very well off, the mother and her computer teacher son feed the poor.

    I read a similar real story of one Dadi Ki Rasoi, Mr.Anoop who feeds 500 people a day. But he charges Rs5 because he feels if given free, there is no dignity. Anoop gives quality food that is possible because, after realising his noble intentions, many of the shops provide him ingredients and raw materials at low prices. He also has shops under the PM initiative to provide, medicines, clothes, shoes, and book at cheap prices.

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