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    Is it essential to have a status symbol?

    By raising this thread, I don't wish to intrude the privacy of the fellow ISCians. Instead my limited objective is to provoke the thought process for discussing the usefulness or futility of having a status symbol.

    Very rich people like top industrialists have a private jet or a luxury yachts as status symbols, whereas other rich persons have luxury cars, expensive jewellery or sprawling houses, as their status symbols.

    I have noticed that among middle class people, getting their kids admitted in the most expensive school of the city is also treated as a status symbol. However, I find that I have no status symbol except the platinum member level awarded by ISC. Is it essential to have a status symbol?
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    Those who are rich and having their presence in the social gathering have the necessity to maintain the status symbol, otherwise they are discarded or least cared by others. In social gathering one can see each one competing with other and displaying their wealth or profess in formal way or proven way. But what I feel that display of wealth and money in public would lead enmity and give chance for the robbers to take the cue. As far as possible public display of wealth and possession must be avoided. Because there are some evil eyes which may spoil the surge of wealth in others.
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    One obvious reason for people flaunting their status is the sense of competition which govern their daily lives. Thomas Hobbes had talked about 'every man against every man' in the setting of an uncivil society so as to justify civilization. But what, however, is true is that 'every man is against every man' even now when civilization has existed for centuries. We all want to outdo others. And it is not limited to rich people. Everyone does that. And even if we do not boast about it in media, at least, we do feel that our relatives have to know that. If we are going to a foreign country, if we have bought something really expensive, if we have someone really close to us who is powerful and an influential person in society, we do love to tell others about it and display our status. And it is not only limited to material things. If children are performing excellently in their studies, if they top the class, parents do like to flaunt even their own children. Whatever good we have becomes a good object for us to display. A sense of competition does exist. Also, doing such things become essential for us so as to have that sense of pride and self-confidence that we are no less than others. We too have a status. No one wants to go down the social ladder. Everyone strives to go up and up. And displaying our status symbols does help somewhat in doing so.

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    Imagine the scamsters of Kingfisher group, the diamond traders etc, do you think people would respect them? They have everything (cars, jets,bungalows) expect core human values of honesty, accountabiity and do no harm to others. If one of them sets foot in India, he can be assured that people would pelt eggs or shoes at them,their status symbols will not help them.

    All these status symbols are temproary, as we came to possess them, they can leave us also. Your platinium membership also can change to gold, if you don't have the minimum contribution.

    I don't think we need a status symbol.It is an embrassment if one has to have a fancy car or a mansion or multiple bank balances to prove that he or she has acheived it in the materialistic world.

    People who are good human beings who value human qualities rather than wealth would not run behind or flaunt the status symbols. Admitting kids to expensive schools often is done by parents to give their children the best shot to start their education, some might do it to flaunt their wealth.

    So, we don't need status tag but just a simple tag that we are good human beings.

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    As far as I am concerned there is no necessity of status symbol. If we have a peaceful life and some people remember us for a good cause after our death also, I feel we have done well. If you have a good car also when the battery fails you require people to push the vehicle. There is a saying in Telugu which means " Even a silver Plate requires wall support to stand". Similarly, we may be rich but without the help of fellow human beings, you can't live alone in this world. We can't buy everything with money. I know a very rich man in my village who helped many poor people when they are in need. Daily he used to go round the street on foot and used to talk with the people. He constructed a temple and arranged 10 acres of land to the temple and its priest. He was livings a very simple life without any show-off. He used to eat every day with a guest by his side. He died almost 20 years back. But even today the village people remember him and pay respects to him on his birth date and demise date. This is what everybody should expect but not the status symbol
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    I think the best status symbol one can have is an spirit of serving the destitutes , polite behaviour and an inclination to help the needy. Consider the examples of Mother Teresa and Baba Amte. Is it easy to achieve the status they attained?
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    In this planet each one of us wants to be in Page-3, No matter what but we still wants to be recognized with some status & this status has to be big but still wouldn't ever be satisfied.

    No matter what profession that we belong to, we always have the intentions of having other's attraction.

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    In our society, some people are very humble and polite but there are many people who have a lot of egos and will always be searching opportunity to show off.

    This latter type of people are very conscious of a status symbol and as soon as they start earning money and become rich, the first thing they will do is to acquire some gadgets to show off and use them as a status symbol.

    On the other hand, polite and humble people will remain same as they were before irrespective of whether they become rich or not.

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