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    What may be the affordable sources of protein in our diet?

    In general, we the people of India, take more carbohydrates in our diet primarily because the carbohydrates are the cheaper constituents of diet. Compared to the common sources of carbohydrates like wheat flour and rice etc., the sources of proteins like milk, milk products like curd and paneer, eggs, meat etc. are comparatively expensive.

    My objective of discussion on this thread is to create awareness about taking balanced food. What are your observations regarding our day to day diet? Is it balanced or not?

    How we can enrich protein component in our diet?

    What may be the affordable sources of protein in our diet?
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    In my opinion or diet is the balanced diet. Our ancestor has prepared such a nice combination of food that provides us balanced diet. A balanced diet is a diet which contains Carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and water. We eat roti or rice which provide us carbohydrates, oil or ghee which is used in preparing food area good source of fat, vegetables provide us vitamins and minerals, water is used in cooking, and pulses are very good sources of protein. So, you can see that pulses, ground nuts, pea, etc are good and cheaper sources of protein.
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    Actually, our traditional food habits are good and balanced. But in earlier days people used to work a lot and they had a very good physical exercise. So even though they consumed more food they used to be healthy without any problems. Rice or Chapathi with pulses, vegetables, buttermilk and ghee or oil is a very nicely balanced food but the quantities should be in proportion to your physical exercise. But eating that strong food without any physical work is causing all the problems. So all these discussions are coming. So we need not worry about the composition of the food but the quantity. Another habit these days is going out and eating all junk food which is the real culprit for all the health problems. As long as you confine your self for the homemade food and stop eating outside, you will definitely keep up good health. So let us confine ourselves to eat homemade food and don't go for junk food. It will keep us healthy.
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    Yes in my opinion our diet is balanced diet. We daily eat rice, roti which consists of carbohydrates , curries made of different vegetables and pulses which consists of differnt vitamins, minarals, protiens and curd which consists of protien. And we take milk, ghee which are good sources of protien, fat and calcium needed for our body.

    But as Dr. N. V. Srinivas Rao sir said, we are getting habituated to junk food, pizzas, burgers, road side food which making us unhealthy. We should always prefer home made food and we should exercise daily to lead healthy life.


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    In medical aspects, when it comes to the essential nutrients which our body needs then for sure protein tops the list. From repairing muscle to supplying energy, it's key to keeping you going strong. Because it has such an important function in the body, we need a fair share of protein every single day. The most commonly used protein diet are the pulses. One more example could be the Milk. Not for sure but this contains a little bit of almost every single nutrient needed by the human body.

    People also use non-vegetarian food for their daily nutrition supplements.

    This would be a bit of surprising fact that in our past we were never so aware about the nutritional aspects of the food as we do care about in the mean time but still & on record that we never had any malnutrition data available simply because we always had natural way of living our life which in the current society we don't find any.

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    It is difficult to make a general statement about the nature of our diet. Most of our Indians diets (even after excluding the new fast food trends) lean more towards being high on carbohydrates. Apart form our increased in take of carbohydrates, we have a tendency to overcook or boil a lot of our food ingredients that would reduce the quantity of the vitamins and trace minerals. The best sources of protein are soya beans,chickpeas, eggs, the grains and other pulses. Quinoa, Almonds and Tofu have good proteins but on the expensive side. Once we start reducing the portions of rice/carbohydrates, increase the consumption of beans and grains, our diet would be more balanced.
    We just need to check the calories in masala dosa, idli vada, kesari bath etc, these are all rich in calories, along with this when includes our in between meal snacking and traditional street food, the calories consumption would shoot up.

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    Eggs, milk, paneer, soybeans, peas, chickpeas etc. are most common affordable sources of protein in India. However, still an awareness is required to be created among people to balance proteins in their diet besides other essential ingredients.
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    Irrespective of the protein presence information in the diet our elders and our parents have been habituated to provide us with Milk, curd, and while having the rice food, they used to add the ghee which all contains the necessary protein to our body. In those days the tiffin items like Idly, Dosa, chapathi, did contain the required ingredients for our good health. But we are moving towards ready made food and those available in the bakery and road side eateries which are harmful to the health. Nevertheless our elders never followed the diet and they were living hale and healthy for long years.
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