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    Which one is the oldest photograph you own?

    Historically, the photography came in India in the year 1840. During that era, British photographers traveled to India to record the historical monuments and the varied landscape of the country. Later photography studios were opened in major cities and rich people started buying their own camera.

    Most of us have a collection of old photographs. In many cases such old photographs have paled and many got almost faded. We have treasured such old photographs in voluminous albums and sometimes browse through the same which take us to our past.

    Which one is the oldest photograph you own?
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    My childhood photo of about 8 months old taken in close shot with loose shirt and having bubbly cheeks probably the best collection in our entire family. The photo is framed and kept with my brother as he likes me very much from the child hood. So that photo is probably 54 years old. I shall go to my brothers house next week and would take the image of that and share here for the viewing pleasure of our author and other members. What I liked the way the photographer clicked the image in right mood and even today who ever see that photo get envied my personality and striking looks at that infant age.
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    I have a big family. My grandfather has 5 brothers. There were four children were born in 1973 including me in our family. Fortunately, we have that photo in which we four children had slept on the carpet. This is my oldest photo I have. This photo really a good one and I found this photo couple of years ago. Two years ago I visited my aunt's home when she gave me that pic on my birthday. This was a surprise gift for me on my birthday.
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    In olden days people used to take photographs very rarely only. They used to get ready for getting a photograph taken for them and go to the studio and get a click. Then the studio person used to give a big photograph pasted on a thick card and then they used to get it framed and hung it on the walls. In my grand father's house, all the walls of the hall and bedroom are with photos only. Then slowly we started keeping photographs in albums. Now the trend is to keep them on the computer or laptops. There is no longevity for these days photographs. Today we will have a selfie on our mobile WhatsApp it to all near and dear. Forget about it. Tomorrow another one. This is the trend.
    The oldest photograph is my grand father's marriage photo. After completing the total marriage function the whole family had taken a photograph. His age was 10 years at that time. That photo is still with me. I have a copy of my own photo which was taken when I was 3 months old.

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    The oldest photograph I have is a group family photograph wherein I was inside my mother (carrying seven months). The second oldest photograph is my own family (My Dad, Mom, Maternal uncle, aunt, their daughter and me) . In that, I yawned while the photographer clicked. An unforgettable photo. It is still lying in my maternal uncle's house. I shall click it and post it if feasible.
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    We had a few photographs taken at weddings and framed. The black and whites used to have an elegant border with a little logo of the company in one corner. I have one such picture of mine aged 2-3 yrs.

    If you observe most of the portraits, people would be stern looking, rigid and often without a smile. There would be a standard background and a small wooden table for a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruits.

    Most of my grandfather's pictures would be with well-starched clothes with the half hand touching the elbow.The ladies would be standing in the back or by the side and children seated below.

    All these are at our native place, this thread reminds me of at least taking an image and preserving it with us.

    Now, many good studios or digital art firms offer restoration of old pictures that are too valuable to be kept in a faded fashion.

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    I have got a very old photograph of my grandfather. He passed away 80 years ago and this photograph was taken by a businessman during 1925-35 when my grandfather visited his house in a far off town for conducting puja.

    After the death of my grandfather the businessman shared this photo with my father who later got it photographed and kept with him. It is now framed and kept in the family. Very old one and of course a prized possession.

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    Earlier, there used to be only black and white photographs. The colour films came much later. Even in the era of black and white photographs, few photo artists in famed studios used to use chemicals to impart a coloured tint like sepia, blue , green etc. to the black and white photographs.

    Do you possess any such photograph?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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