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    Do you type with one finger or use all fingers for conventional typing?

    I started using computers in the year 2000. I was not knowing typing then and therefore started using my index finger of the right hand to type slowly by pressing keys one by one. That is still continued but with the difference that because of continuous practice, my typing speed has become quite satisfactory for most of the practical purposes. Now, I can type even many pages without any problem though by using one finger only.

    The fellow authors may share their experiences about the subject matter particularly about the differences, if any, in the quality of typing by using one finger only.
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    Previously also I have shared my experience on this topic. Initially when I purchased the computer, I was typing with one finger and the speed was very slow, lots of mistakes and above all the key pads used to stuck up invariably or typing same letters in sequence. All these were happened in starting stage, and then slowly I started writing the running matter. Thanks to the wholesome contribution in the forum section of ISC, I am now competent enough to type 40 words per minute and that too without any flaws. But I am not comfortable with the smart phone keys and hence prefer desktop only.
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    I have never used one or two fingers to type. I use all fingers and thumbs to type. My speed is also very good in typing. I have pass typing examination of Hindi in the year 1996. My friend brought the first computer in Rampura and I always tried to spend my time with that computer and typed the article or books. So, I have a good typing speed with accuracy.
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    I started with one finger typing and now moved on to multi finger typing. Initially it was confusing and I had to look at the keyboard and the screen alternatively. Now I'm able to type with both hands using all fingers.
    I do make some mistakes when I'm in a hurry, otherwise it's good.

    There are many people who still use one finger of each hand and have a reasonable speed. Learning to type with all fingers is not a difficult job, there are many videos explaining the same. You can certainly try learning this.

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    I use all the fingers for typing and I am very comfortable that way. I feel it is very difficult to type with just one finger. I had been to typing class for a month during the vacations after my 1st PU and because of that, it is easier for me to type.
    But I have seen many typing with just one finger very comfortably with no mistakes. Also, their typing speed is good. So maybe once a person gets used to typing in whatever way he types, he becomes more comfortable.

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    Like every other person, I started one line typing, but with the passage of time, I have now graduated to proper timing. However, as my little fingers are broken (since my birth), I face some difficulty in pressing the right hand and the left hand corner buttons at the bottom row. But now I have learnt managing this particular difficulty.
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    When I was in the 2nd year (Feb.2004) in my mechanical engineering study, my father bought me a computer and I had observed that typing speed has the direct effect on productivity in computer-related work. From the very same day, I promised me that I will not anything without learning typing with my eyes at the screen, not a keyboard. I learned the typing in a week and slowly and steadily I became acquainted with the fast typing and it is now helping me a lot during typing articles and reports.
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    I am not very good at typing. So I started learning by starting with one finger. Slowly I have started using multiple fingers. But still, I am very slow in my typing. But the majority of times I need not look at the keyboard for typing. I hope I will improve further.
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    Proud to pronounce that I am an extremely excellent typist in this forum. It was my dad's interest that he made me to learn typing while I was studying in VIIIth standard. I learned for about 3 months, but did not prepare for examination as I was underage to appear in typing examination. After my SSLC, I attended typing and shorthand classes. Yet I did not appear in typing and short hand examination as I got my appointment within few months after passing my SSLC. My appointment was much related to typing. I improved my typing further. As of now, I can type 75 to 80 words per minute without mistake. There could be many other members like me.

    I cannot perform fast typing with a single finger. I use my index finger to type messages only in my smart phone.
    For all the finger typing - you need not look at the key board and can type at good speed (Max 80 and beyond)
    For single finger typing - you need to look at the key board and typing would be slower. (Just 30 and less)

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    I use all fingers other than my little finger for typing and my typing speed is also very good. And I like writing, so I don't feel tired even though I work on my computer for hours.

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