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    Are clothes locally stitched at tailor's shop getting replaced by readymade clothes?

    In our childhood almost all of us might have accompanied parents to visit the local tailor's shop for giving measurements for stitching of clothes like shirts, pants etc. Our parents used to buy cloth for us from the cloth shop and go to the tailor's shop for getting the clothes stitched. Our school dresses were also stitched by the local tailor. Also, getting a suit stitched on special occasions like wedding in the family etc. was a very elaborate and fussy exercise.

    During those days, it was almost impossible to get clothes delivered in time during festival seasons etc. People used to remind the tailor repeatedly but despite that it was a humongous job get work done in time.

    However, nowadays it is observed that people are generally preferring readymade clothes.

    What are your comments about the subject matter?
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    Yes I am averse to clothes being stitched by the tailor as the tailoring cost is much than the cost of the cloth and the tailor never keeps up the time of delivery. Readymades clothes are best chosen these days for the wide range, fittings and above all very affordable. Believe it or not we can good number of selection possibilities and one can get a jean pant with perfect fitting between 200 to 300 rupees. In future too people would prefer the ready made garments than the tailored made. And the notion that tailored stitches made would last long but as per my experience even good ready made garments last.
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    Yes, I agree with the author that clothes which are locally stitched at tailor's shop getting replaced by readymade clothes. People need readymade clothes nowadays. There are many reasons for getting readymade clothes. Tailor's are not punctual of time they need more time to stitch the clothes and people not want to wait longer. Readymade clothes are according to fashion which is in trends but all the tailors are not aware of the fashion trends. The cost of both the clothes are almost equal and readymade are generally cheaper than other clothes.
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    There are many reason because of which people prefer readymade clothes over tailor stitched clothes. The first reason is that buying readymade clothes saves a lot of time while for getting a cloth stitched at a tailor shop first you need to buy the clothes then give the measurements and visit the shop off and on to remind the tailor to get your work done in time. Obviously it's tiring and troublesome work for most of the people. Readymade clothes are available at much affordable price and with a wide range of variety to choose from. One has thousands of option in both quality and can buy the best according to his taste. The dressing sense of youths changes over time and in the last few years there has been dramatic shift from Indian to western clothing accessories. Our local tailors follow the same pattern of stitching over the years and are unable to keep the pace with the changing trade. That's the reason that they are losing their charm against readymade dresses.

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    I prefer readymade clothes than getting stitched. Stitching costs have increased these days and also the waiting period is more. Instead, we can go to a shop and buy a readymade cloth of our choice. There are so many choices and patterns available today to choose from. Also, one more reason is choosing readymade than stitching is, most of the times the tailor makes the dress ill-fitted and 2-3 rounds of alterations should be made. Sometimes, entire cloth and stitching get spoilt. But in readymade, we can try and buy only when we are satisfied.

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    yes. It is true that these days many people are going for ready-made dresses than the dresses stitched by a tailor to their sizes. There may be many reasons. I feel the first reason is the cost of stitching. It has become a costly affair. The cost of the clothes will be less sometimes than the cost of stitching. We will get a pant bit and shirt bit for Rs. 600/- whereas the stitching cost is in Hyderabad is minimum Rs. 700/-. That means the total amount you spend is Rs,1300/-. But you can get a pant and shirt for Rs 1000/-. also.
    The second point against this tailor made dresses is the time factor. You have to go to cloth store to get the clothes. Then you have to go to tailor's shop for giving the clothes and again you have to visit him for dress collection. But for a ready-made dress, only one trip is sufficient.
    The third point is the ready-made dress can be tried and see the suitability and then go for purchase. But the dress made by the tailor is not fitting properly you can't do anything.
    The last point which comes to my mind is generally, the tailors have never maintained the timing. So they may give sometimes after the occasion also. This will make the people go for the ready-made dress.

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    The biggest advantage with ready made clothes for me is that seeing, trying on the finished products give a better idea of how the shirt or pant would look on us rather than buying a shirt piece or pant length and then waiting for the final look after being stitched.

    In the glory days of the tailor, we needed to make three to four visits to get a set of toursers and shirts stitched. Times have changed so much that it is no longer cost effective to go to the tailor except for ladies clothing. Many elders would like shirts still stitched.

    A few of the wedding suits are tailored made for the person. Apart from this most people prefer going to the shops to buy a ready made dresses for adults and children. Maybe the elite high flying executive would have a suit hand cut and tailored for elegance and power. At times a skilled tailor can hide a paunch or a heavy waist better than a ready made suit.

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    Yes it is true, now a days many people are giving preference to readymade clothes. As readymade are coming in different styles and different sizes, it is easy for peolle to select the clothes of different styles according to fashion and which fits them.

    And one more advantage of readymade clothes is, we can try them by wearing and check whether it suits us or not, which is not possible by the clothes stitched by the tailor. We don't know whether it suits us untill the stitching has done. Usually I too prefer readymade clothes only as they are available in different styles and they are cheaper also.


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