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    Is a Third Front option without Congress and BJP viable in the present scenario?

    In India so many regional parties have strong hold in various states. On their own or with the help of coalition partners they are ruling the States with great vigour. But from long back regional parties are revolting against center for not allocating needed funds for the development of the states. For proper allocation of funds they have to support either Congress or BJP at center without meeting out their policies. Presently KCR feeling the pinch of not allocating funds and demands of the his State he called for the formation of Third Front without Congress and BJP and he is slowly gaining more support from many parties. Today I have seen some calculations in news media that there is some basis for his view. In 2009 General election BJP and Congress together got a vote share of 47.4,% and regional parties together got 52.6%.In 2014 elections BJP and Congress together got 50.8% and regional parties got ,49.2%. In this election BJP with 31.2% vote share captured 282 seats. So there is a strong basis for the emergence of Third Front as opined by KCR. Folks, what is your opinion.
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    There is a difference between the national parties like congress and BJP and regional parties. Regional parties were formed by politicians who were interested in grabbing power and found themselves unable to compete at national label. They preferred to become the king i.e. the chief minister of their respective states instead of playing the second or third fiddle at the center.

    Few political leaders of regional parties went to centre either with an ambition of rising to the position of the prime minister or other reasons like indulging themselves in the scams etc.

    I don't think any kind of third front can be successful. Such propositions are generally rantings of the politicians failed in their own regions.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It's easy for label or start a third front, but for it to be meaningful it would take time. I don't think the third front would be a viable option to come to power in 2019 ( without BJP/Congress in it). If the public is fed up with Congress and BJP in majority of the states or these two big parties are riddled with corruption and inefficiency, then people would look at the new front.

    My view would be people can unite and form a third front, come to power in a handful of states, stabilize at the state level and then eye for the National level politics. Being in power at a state necessarily doesn't mean that they can come to power in the center. People are also good enough to understand the real reasons for the new front. My gut feeling in that these new alliances would not last for long and the only impact it can make is a split in the number of seats won by BJP or Congress.

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    Earlier also there were some trials were carried out by the regional parties and came to power also with Deva Gowda as the Prime Minister. But the ministry could not be lost long. He was PM for just 10 months I remember. So the stability of these parties is a big question mark. There are many leaders from small parties aspiring for big posts in the centre. It is a difficult task to satisfy. Really no one in this is coming together for the sake of people. They will have their own agenda. KCR's son is emerging as a good leader. He wanted to become CM of Telangana. So what is to be done with KCR. So he is trying his luck by aiming at the centre. The same CM hailed PM many times saying him as a good leader. Overnight what happened we don't know. Many swords can't be accommodated in one casing. So these attempts will be futile without any benefit to the public.
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    Previously also the third concept during NTR regime was named as National front and he was very successful. But the strong Hindi lobby of leaders in India wont allow a South Indian to become PM of the country and thus NTR lost the chance by whisker. But KCR is shrewed politician. He is already consulting legal experts, IAS, IPS officers and retired collectors and other officials about the modalities of a third front and what are the rights of small states in the federal set up. Thus KCR is doing full home work before announcing the third front from like minded parties. The name of Congress is eroded and the fight would be between BJP allies and third front in future.
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