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    Why the Cuckoo waits for the Spring to sing?

    At the glance of the tile of the thread, hope everyone would be recalling the great poet's beautiful poem - 'To the Cuckoo' written by none other than Nature lover William Wordsworth. While there are some philosophical lines of thinking related to management and from Japanese haiku:

    "If the Cuckoo doesn't it sing, make it sing.
    If the Cuckoo doesn't it sing, kill it.
    If the Cuckoo doesn't it sing, wait until it sings."

    The above lines reflect the action to be taken by a Manager to get his things done and his ability to manage the things under his control.

    But my doubt about nature's phenomenon - Why the Cuckoo waits for the Spring to sing? What is your take on this?
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    A good question. Really I never thought about this. I enjoy the singing of Cuckoo but why it sings in spring only is a never thought question for me.
    Generally, we hear these singing bird's voice from April and slowly increase and die down from June. I feel maybe this spring season is the season of breeding. These days the cuckoos want to attract another gender birds may sing during this season. These birds are of parasites in nature. They will not have their own nests. They go and give eggs in another birds nest.

    always confident

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    Like human beings, animals are also destined to do their work as per the prescribed season and time and they cannot rush their duty as per our wish. Therefore Cuckoo sings during spring only
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The male cuckoo looks very different from the female. During mating season ( around spring), the male coos to attract females, after that it stops singing. When it's time to lay the eggs, the male distracts the crows, while the female lays its eggs in the crow's nest (referred to as Brood Parasitism). The poetic interpretation of killing the cuckoo? I'm not sure how to reason it.

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