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    Concern about awareness of planting trees

    Today we are moving so fast that we are neglecting the importance of planting trees. We are cutting existing trees to make land available for development works. The greenhouse effect seriously affects the atmospheric temperature. The mother earth needs more trees to counter effect it. It is said that most of the world's climate problems can be solved by trees. We all are aware of the benefits of trees but we are simply neglecting it.

    Why there is no law which asks to plant the equal or more amount of trees when existing trees are being cut for development works.

    According to me, every student when enrolled in school or college, must plant a tree and maintain it till he/she passed out. The tree should be named after that person. Because of this act, more trees will be preserved.

    Are you having any suggestion to plant more and more trees?
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    Growing trees should be the order of the day. We all require money for our living. So we work and earn money. Similarly, we all require oxygen for the living. We can't by oxygen. So we should plant trees so that we will get our oxygen evolved from the trees. Similarly, we have to see that environment is protected. So whatever carbon oxides you are producing should be absorbed by trees. So trees are required for two things. One is to decrease the concentration of carbon oxides in the atmosphere and to maintain oxygen percentage in the atmosphere. So every citizen should make the habit of planting trees as much as possible. Even in apartments, we can grow trees on the terrace by providing some pots. The life on the earth is very much dependent on the number of trees on the earth. so grow more and more trees and keep the earth green.
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    What I feel that growing trees should not be coupled with any riders. We must often plant the trees so as to replenish the trees which are dead or died away due to absence of water and other requirements. What I feel that when ever we celebrate a festival of joy, we must start with planting of tree. Or when ever our family members celebrate their birthdays, one tree must be planted on their name. Or if one pass out the exams with great marks and ranks a sapling must be sown. Likewise we can devise ways and means to add new trees to the existing one and thus create good green cover.
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    K Mohan Sir, I totally agree with you. We must develop a hobby or practice to plant a tree at very special occasions like birthday, job placement, marriage function etc. After few years, a tree will remind that occasion.
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    Yes I too like the point said by K Mohan sir, that planting a tree on occasions like birthdays, wedding day etc. Not only planting a tree, one must take care of it by watering daily. Then after a year passes we should again plant a new tree.

    And one more idea is giving a tree and ask to plant it as a return gift in occasions. We all give some return gifts to the relatives on occasions, instead of that we can give plants and ask them to plant.


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    Planting trees are necessary for the welfare of the human being and to reduce the environmental problem. General awareness is essential for the same. Some strick laws are also needed to plant more trees. In many countries, it is necessary to have a garden in your home after that municipality will approve the map of your home. This type of law should be implemented in India also.
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    As Mohan sir said, the hospital were i had my delivery gifts a plant to every patient while getting discharged in the name of the baby. This is a good move and since the plants are given in the name of baby, everyone will nurture the plants with love and care. Also these days the trend has started, were people gifts a plant in wedding invite or wedding. This should be continued and also the ones receiving the plants should plant it and grow it with great love and care.

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    Very well set by the author. All school's do have this program of planting only during environment day but after that they don't maintain it. So I think at home we can teach our children for planting. With my kids I do that. I give them bisleri bottle and tell them to plant a small plant and grow it big by watering daily with water left in their bottle. Even in Bangalore green wall setup is done everywhere but due to poor maintenance it is not giving good result.

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    The awareness of planting trees is nowadays increasing and many people are voluntarily contributing to this noble cause.

    Trees are our lifeline. The ecology and environment cannot sustain if trees are not there. It is very right that we should encourage and motivate the school children for tree plantation.

    Even in our housing societies, we should inspire our friends and acquaintances by inviting them to plant trees in our premises or nearby areas.

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    My view is little bit different. I think we must give equal stress on planting samplings and protecting them. So, if a school takes up the programme of planting trees, half of the students should plant trees, and another half (more serious and patient) should be given the duty of protecting and tending the samplings. Only then the programme would be successful.
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    The author of the thread has stated that - 'Why there is no law which asks to plant the equal or more amount of trees when existing trees are being cut for development works.'

    In this connection it is informed that there are indeed laws in force, in India, in this regard. Planting of new trees on cutting trees is known as 'compensatory afforestation'. The Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 and the Forest (Conservation) Rules, 1981, updated in 2003, have provisions for compensatory afforestation.

    We have the Indian Forest Act, 1927, the National Forest Policy, 1988, Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) established in 2009, National Mission for a Green India (GIM), National Afforestation Program (NAP) and what not?

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    Planting trees is very good for the enviornment from which we also benefit. While there is lot of negative views and sad stories about trees being destroyed or cut down, I'm glad to say that in Bangalore, whenever their is plan to cut trees to widen the road or form a new circle, the people strongly object to the point that the authorites are forced to find another way. Recently there was a news about trees being re-located.

    With this good step, we need to encourage planting of trees. At this juncture, I would like to say that we, the people also need to be more responsible. Every footpath in front of many houses will have saplings planted. But only a few of them would be watered by the kind home owners, many would just wither away.

    Since last year, we have been getting plants gifted at office parties, children's birthday parties. This is a refreshing new trend that makes us remember the importance of trees and children also will get into the habit.

    While we do all this, we need to have stringent regulations for the big industries that eat up the green space and bring down many trees for the sake of wood. Their corporate aforestation program should be more robust.

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    Planting trees is a need one of this hour. It is good to think by every people especially who have own house to plant trees surrounding the house. The major things the people hesitate in planting trees in houses are:
    1.The roots would affect the house:For the trees can be planted at required distance.
    2.This is world of urgency:People expects the benefit of planting trees immediate by forgetting that the benefits would go to their children only.
    3.It is very difficulty to clean the garden and maintain the same.
    People should see the benefit on the whole.

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    In chennai a famous textile show room,in order to promote their sales as well general interest, offer free plant saplings for every purchase.

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    Do you find any place near your locality wherein it is still possible to plant trees. I don't feel so. As I am living in Delhi it is a harsh reality that the bricks statues are increasing in numbers while on the other hand we are losing the vegetation around us.

    I am afraid about what we have got & what the coming generation would be having after 50 years or more. Even predictions that the population of the world is still having a consistent growth while the natural resources are getting declining sharply we in no mood to control this.

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