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    Dressing style in public places

    Today I would like to discuss about our dressing style in public places like school, market, temple etc. Commonly in school when parents come to leave the children ladies come in nighty with one towel covered or stole covered. Gents in barmuda. In temple especially young generation girls come in shorts, tight pants or jeans with sleeveless tops, deep neck and mens with hanky panky t shirt with no meaning words printed in that t-shirt. Even in public place like market we find that. I personally find we are spoiling our culture by dressing up in such odd manner. I think dressing our-self in decent manner is an art which should be built in us. Our dressing style should not spoil the culture.
    The purpose of creating this forum is not to hurt any body's feelings but wish to tell that dressing decent is always a protection to us and respect to our-selves and also guard our-self from any mis happening.
    I want to know valuable views from members whether my thinking is right or wrong.
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    These days many people say dressing is the choice of the individual why should we bother about this. So the opinion given here is purely my personal opinions and I am not advising anybody to follow or to discontinue their practices.
    One should dress up according to their age and the occasion. A gentleman with 60 sixty years of age going to school to drop his grandchild there with a half pant looks awkward. Similarly, a mother of two children going out at 8 AM with a nighty is also very awkward. When you are going to a temple you should dress accordingly. These days people are becoming very open in the name of fashion. We should always remember that we are living in a society so we should think of society when we perform certain acts. Even it is your own house you are not allowed to set it on fire as this fire may damage nearby houses. This fact is to be remembered always.

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    Srinivasa sir I liked your fire thought and its even true.

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    Let's not decide on what we want to wear on the basis of what others feel about what it should have been.

    I suggest to go ahead & wear what we feel comfortable into. Others will never get satisfied & will always have something to criticize in others so in this small life enjoy. Even there are naked saints but still they want others to wear sensibly.

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    It depends on the civic sense of the individuals concerned. It is often said that the society should not dictate terms about dresses of the individuals. Often we come across discussions about short and tight dresses of girls but almost on all such occasions, the feminist warriors take the male chauvinists to the task.

    People are not bothering much, nowadays, about what others will say. If people don't like certain thing about what others are doing, then it is their own problem.

    There is no law as such about what should be worn at public places and what not. Therefore, people take their own decisions in such matters. The police can intervene only when one moves without wearing any clothe at all.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    When ever we rake up the issue of dressing sense among the youth and their behaviour with dress code at the places of worship, it was always a matter for debate of unending nature. One must dress sensibly when visiting a public place especially a temple where in devotees are gathered to express their devotion and pray to the God. So our dressing sense should not be a disturbance factor or distraction issue to others. That is why in some of the temples in South India , there are strict rules to observe dressing sense, otherwise they are not allowed to enter inside. Though wearing the dress is the prerogative of the concerned persons, but that should not be a talk of town issue.
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    Yes, I agree with the author. We should dress decently in public places. In our religious culture ( I am a dawoodi Bohra) we cannot wear small pants or shorts even in our home. When we dress for namaaz or prayer we have to wear clothes like full pyjama and full sleeves kurta or shirt. So, we should dress which should protect you and provide respect to you.
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    The author has brought up an issue that can be debated endlessly. One should have the freedom to dress but it should be relevant to the environment in which we are. Imagine going to the hospital for a life or death treatment and finding a doctor in a funky loud t-shirt and shorts. It would be feasible in other places around the world but still in India, many places and people would not accept it.
    Similarly, I've been to few Ayappan temples and some rural temples where in a board would display " Men in shirts/pants, women in Chuddidhar or sari only'. Although some may object to it, it makes sense to preserve the decorum of the place.
    Although the mind of the person in the temple may be corrupted or even be an anti-social element, we are not aware but the dress that is visible which makes a difference.

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    Ved Prakash sir I do accept we should wear dress which makes us comfortable but our comfortableness should not trouble others comfort. Its not fare troubling others. At-least in temple, school we can follow decent wear with comfort wear. Then why in our own marriage we are dressed up like a bride's not in modern dress there also nobody is going to stop us. We were for the sake of society. I mean to say only when we are in society like school, temple we can wear dress which gives respect to us. I am thankful to all for their valuable reviews still waiting for other members to response.

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    Even though we are free to wear whatever we like we should see that the person who is looking at should feel happy and should get a good feeling about us. But people say we don't bother about other's impression on us but we care for our own comfort. Ok. It is their will and wish. One should see that the pious nature of places of worship should be maintained without any disturbance. We all live in a society and we should think of society also.
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    Yes that is main purpose of this thread at least in public place like school, temple we can wear comfort decent dress. I think the dressing style has changed because Bollywood films where now the heroines are always dressed up with shorts compared to old Bollywood films.

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