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    Are you a true "Foodie"?

    Many of us always say that we should eat to live and not live to eat. It means food should be liked but not to the extent that it becomes the motto of life.

    Well, "Foodies" are those persons who break the above principle. "Foodies" means those people who love and are mad behind food and it is the next important thing in their life. So what magic food can create inside a Foodie?

    A true Foodie will not forget about enjoying is food even during busiest and toughest of the times. Even during times of stress, a true Foodie is one who will forget his stress for a while when he sees his favorite food in front of him.

    You can even control the anger of a Foodie by offering him his favorite food. Such is his love for food that on seeing the food in front of him a Foodie will tend to forget his anger.

    The sight of tasty food makes a Foodie delighted, excited and sometimes out of control to the extent of being insane. He will lick out his tongue and speak out expressions like "Yummy...." and it goes without saying that he will overeat.

    Even a talk or thought of food can make a Foodie forget his worries and relax him. He does not need meditation. Thought, sight, smell, and taste of his favorite food are sufficient to make him stress-free.

    A Foodie might be a quiet person who does not like to talk in a group, but when a topic of food comes up he is tempted to speak up and bursts into spontaneous discussions.

    A Foodie might be feeling pessimistic, depressed, demotivated and not able to think but a session with tasty food can rejuvenate him and make his mind work miracles and make him feel optimistic.

    So have you met such people around you and I wonder who all are the true Foodies in ISC?
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    I am not a foodie in its real sense. I love eating. But I will not eat frequently. But I enjoy my eating whenever I eat. I eat slowly especially my dinner in the nights. We all sit together and eat slowly and enjoy the food. I like different foods and their tastes. I always ask my wife to prepare special dishes from time to time. Everyday eating Chapathis or rice I don't like. I eat different items on different days. I love eating fruits. If I happened to see any good fruit I will purchase and enjoy the taste. I don't worry much about the cost. I like to eat vegetables cooked differently. I don't eat large quantity but I eat different varieties. I don't have the habit of eating too much and fast foods. I prefer house-made items more. I like to eat raw vegetables cut into slices with lemon and onions. I like sprouts also and prefer consuming a few sprouts daily.
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    Or a hardcore food lover, both are same. Just in case that we must be aware about the current hygienic conditions which are evident anywhere in India. It would be good if we raise to a good cook & if possible try to prepare the food at our own home. In today's scenario it's not safe to be looking after our favorites even in Choupati.

    Looking at the other aspects, attending Food Festivals can be a good option to feed our stomach or whichever is good.

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    I will talk about the other side of the coin i.e. being an abstemious instead of a foodie. As a matter of fact, I was a foodie till it was confirmed that I am a diabetic. After that I had to take a conscience decision to regulate my diabetes which primarily depends on diet control.

    I like variety in food. Though I am not able to personally relish the tastier food which essentially contains high calories, but I compensate for that by enjoying my guests savouring food at my place. I make it a point to ensure that I have at least few sweet dishes available in my fridge to treat the visiting guests on invitation or otherwise.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    No, I am not an actual foodie. I can eat everything which is prepared at home. Though lady's finger, spinach and brinjal are my favourites vegetables. I am a non-vegetarian so I like nonveg also. My wife can prepare anything she likes as I have no problem.
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    A few years back, I would love sweet dishes and vegetariain food to the extent of overeating. Now I've cut down a lot,so wouldn't be a foodie.

    These days when we look around we see people on the bigger side, young people suffering from diabetes, hypertension and also struggling to control their weight. In this background, the amount of pollution and the adulteration in food stuff make things even worse for the normal person.

    One can be a foodie but choose healthy food options, once in a while one can allow himself or herself a lunch or dinner of their favorite food. If we do watch the servings or quantity and space it out, we can enjoy our food to a certain extent. So, being a foodie may not be a good option especially if family history and age is on the wrong side.

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